Ignorant anti-plandemists peddle history falsehood

PB: Dear Zofia
The electronically tortured like yourself and your daughter harbinger pre-transhumanist future, when resisters will be e-treated and exterminated. Today, they can’t count on Fuellmiches of this world, because: 

  • He sits entrenched in class action, for economic reason I guess. Can sufficient numbers of the e-tortured join, in order for a lawyer to be interested? Reportedly, Fuellmich has not reimbursed his class action plaintiffs at 800 euro each for the lost case in  Germany.
  • Perhaps he will switch (along with Rocco Galati, whose class action and other cases stay in constitutional law), to a criminal approach outlined and advocated by , David Lindsay, an anti-system veteran here in BC for decades. But the outcome would be as iffy: suing the owners of the world is impossible as long as they are in power. 
  • Only an erasure of bankster power globally can precipitate justice for present and past victims. Nuremberg was victors’ show, they hanged a few third-rate Zio-nazi order followers, and protected the rest, incl. early parole and transfer to continue global genocide from the US. 

You mention the Spirited Human Era like Fitt does. Am I missing something, I did not know that it even started :((( There lots of talks about it, but not around “on the ground”; bide millions in health care who for a few silver pieces fill banksters’ plandemic design.
I don’t understand your comment about public figures in fear. Are they really? The complicit ones have bankster guarantees of impunity,  immunity and rewards. Our guys don’t fear, lost their careers etc. They just are muffled by lamestream.Fuellmich has nothing to fear, either, for he:

  • subtly contributes to misinfo
  • distracts the wake masses with false hopes
  • channels legal actions to the wrong track so far.

PB: Dear Inge, Ignorant anti-plandemists peddle history falsehood

Thanks for asking. It’s a priviledge to advise a 50 years’ celebrity in distribution of independent, vetted and verified material and comments 🙂
BeforeIt’sNews is a mixed bag (anyone can join and contribute, a nest for disinfo). Fuellmich’s  interview of Fitts, part of his tapping of ca. 150 experts, is rudimentary, perhaps reflecting the pace of Fuellmich learning ropes:

  • Min. 9:00 — What’s in the vax? Publications on transhumanism and related R&D (DARPA, Musk corporation…) give clues e.g.  5G gate to transhumanism. Yet, urging discovery and cracking the secret science, Fitts says “my guess”. But those capable of advancing the understanding in public domain are marginalised by egos in the resistance movement. 
  • “Secret ingredients” for bio-weapon and transhumanism have not been independently examined as we have no clue about the techs under bankster control 20 to 40 years ahead of becoming public. Dr. Diana Wojtkowiak hints on why nobody has explained strange phenomena in the vaxed: Whence magnetism in vaxed persons? — WIMPs and biological nuclear reaction in the human body 
  • 12:00 No revelations on the governance system, either; compare e.g. Judeocentrics and Mass Crimes. Yet, success much depends on that knowledge, too. Fuellmich) thinks it only takes to stop the bankster global cabal steal our money. It’s probably too late, as they already have all the gold they want, beside our minds, souls and properties. Great Reset and NWO are about finishing off the global takeover. The masses are mentally, morally and spiritually far behind. but Fitts deludes herself that Humanity is evolving into a higher state, ready to face the global mafia. 

Fuellmich seems to do these “interrogations” for advertising, while ignoring/misunderstanding key pillars, e.g. he believes in the fake virus, or for some reason peddles it — point 4 in Christine Massey’s critique of a few misinformers in the “freedom movement”: Christine Massey: Confusion in the freedom movement?
He assembled a database from his interviewees and used it before courts of diverse jurisdictions. Despite being perceived as a “Nurember2” lead, he has achieved nothing so far and a trend in British Columbia, for example, indicates that his approach is stuck, as corrupt courts protect corrupt gov’t members: Co tam panie z tymi pozwami na picdemistów

One should ask, why Fuellmich does it, knowing of the corruption. Let’s hope, as others who failed, like the Canadian constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati cited in the above link, that it’s “testing the system”. But Fuellmich’s  aura of “Nuremberg2” engine gives false hopes to hundreds of miillions of plandemic resisters, weakening their taking to the streets against the bankster-corpo-gov’t mafia. 

Who is “in the know”, then? Fuellmich can’t touch the untouchables, so he “collects info” and travels, raising expectations all the way to Poland: Startuje komisja śledcza Norymberga 2.0!  Fritts was in the gov’t only to capitulate to mafia designs, so she needs to count on Humanity’s “higher state” of some sort, which is nowhere to be seen amindst the scamdemic (if anything, Humanity stooped back to reptile age).
To sum up, the material is OK for your audience, as long as you point out misconceptoions, exagerations, false claims and mis- and disinfo. With such commentaries love to subscribe to your mailouts.
Merry Christmas — Piotr

Inge: I realize that you don’t want any information like this from “a substandard maniac”. However this is information that you obviously haven’t yet digested.

Respectfully, — “a substandard maniac.”

Let me know if you think that these “in the know” people are also “substandard maniacs”.

Inge: Piotr,  maybe you just don’t get the message  –  I don’t give a tinker’s damn what you blog, or to whom you blog  –  I just want your ilk out of my life.  
I was not the one who threw the first stones  – and the first INSULTS.  But there is a point where “too much is just too much”.  
Put on your blog whatever you want  –  but just get out of my life!!!!!!! 
I don’t need or welcome your opinion, your criticism, or your judgement. I have managed quite well without it in the past  –  and don’t need it in the future.
You are hardly someone who can criticize someone else about “self-conceit”  or “insolence”
Your whole persona is wrapped in, and drips with these attributes.   Since when are you the “ultimate authority”
  –  and on what?  –  entitled to throw insults with impunity.

I wonder why, over decades,  so many people continue to come to me for advice and information. Must be because I am a “substandard maniac”.

PB: Inge, Coated in false pretense, your self-conceit and insolence along with self-importance and rabid sensibility produce ugly discourtesy. I ignored the abominable judgements and ad hominem, but “You are doing nothing to expose the PLANdemic” is a bit too much:

– Grypa66.wordpress.com since 2009 everything one needs to know about vax; together with PiotrBein.net blogs — SCAMdemic since Wuhan; Grypa666.net since June 2021, in case wordpress.com busts the Polish blog as well
– interventions upon misleading propaganda from some in the resistance
– own comments, analyses and articles since Wuhan 
– concise collections, vetted and systemised: 

Systemic and history research:  My research papers…If I’m a “master of misinformation and disinformation  –  partially responsible for the nonsense that so many people believe – without any substantiating evidence” then you’re a useful idiot or work for that ilk who bulldosed my blog: Killed by plandemic psychos, my blog kicks ass anew.

Also piece of bunk: “The genocide being unleashed  by “the fake VACCINE”  – that is being mandated – is unparalleled in human history  – including Hitler’s Germany.”  In VAERS data, deaths follow jabs related to 5% of “vax” batches, i.e. globally, for every 1 billion “vaxed” ca. 50 million would die. It’s a parallel to the banksters’ systemic genocide in wars, revolutions and peace time. Fetus genocide alone is 1 billion in the last 100 years, accelerating to tens of millions/year. Pharmafia and other techs drive to similar levels.

“Generalplan Ost” for huge-scale genocide, ethnic cleansing, and colonization of Eastern Europe aimed to erase the Polish nation. Stalin planned AND murdered comparable numbers. Professional groups colluded, like Nazi Germany’s (and present West’s) medical staff did. Mao surpassed Stalin and Hitler in just one famine. Your knee-jerk emotions re. Hitler parrot MSM bias; I trust you know who controls the media, Pharmafia and NWO implementation.

I did not get into your life. YOUR disinfo obscures the truth and you delude yourself it’s tops, while your 50 years’ audience is as unread, undiscerning and flippant. Double negation means that they do see you as a “substandard maniac” 🙂 So I will keep on correcting your mailouts.

Thanks for providing content: Ignorant anti-plandemists peddle history falsehood.

Hanle (Inge): Your arrogance knows no parallel-  The people with whom I have commnicated for over 50 years do not consider me am not a “substandard maniac”.    But the comment says a great deal about your character – and your manners..

Maybe it is time for you to pay attention to the things that are PRESENTLY very important.   You are doing nothing to expose the PLANdemic – – the unfolding New World Order Tyranny  –  and the colossal “genocide” that is unfolding in front of our very eyes.   The genocide being unleashed  by “the fake VACCINE”  – that is being mandated – is unparalleled in human history  – including Hitler’s Germany.

Now, kindly, get out of my life.

PB: Inge, Correct it honourably, or I will do it on my blog.

I commented on YOUR misinforming mailout devoid of a correcting note on such a cavalier, ignorant and untrue parallel. That makes you a willing misinformer or a WW2 history ignorant. The news is one thing and how ignorants emebllish it and pass on without question is quite another. 

You still don’t condemn that disinfo, but manage to mislead your recipients. A few Poles, who should know the history better than average, did not object a bit. You take no responsibility for the material you pass on, Inge.

Hanle: As usual, you obviously missed the point of the article  – which I did not write.  The article was illustrating the level of tyrannical dictatorship that is being implemented in Canada at the present time as our governments comply with “The Great Reset” of One World Governance  – New World Order Dictaorship. .   Stop being a nit-picking idiot!. Thank you — Inge

PB: Don’t misinform, nobody will bother you. Before you talk back, just give a reference that Hitler fed inmates in death camps. I will correct you every time your falsehoods reach my email box. I will publish it, too, with a comment it deserves.

Hanle: I told you a long time ago that you have no justification for passing judgement of what I post. 

It was not sent to you by me  –  so please get out of my life!!!!!!! 
Besides, you are a master of misinformation and disinformation  –  partially responsible for the nonsense that so many people believe – without any substantiating evidence.

PB: Again disinfo from a Hanle, this time peddeled by a Pole who should know WW2 history: To now deny food to the unvaccinated is tyranny that not even Hitler did to the Jews he held in camps. At least he fed them while he was sterilizing them – which is the dream of Gates -, or until they were just gassed.

1. The Nazis starved all inmates in their death camps of over 20 victim groups, of which Jews were neither exceptional nor unique. Actually the Slavs suffered most severely in the Holocaust, and starvation was a cost-effective method of annihilation.

2. Hanle’s narration reinforces the myth of Holocaust being exclusively Jewish tragedy; “Shoa” describes the latter,. Please do not falsify history and refrain from contributing to erasure of our memory of the other martyrs.

3. our computer’s forecast  Whose computer and whose forecast? Artificial Intellligence? LOL

Piotr Bein

Independent genocide researcher, Grypa666.net and PiotrBein.net

On Monday, December 6, 2021, 09:20:24 a.m. PST, Ewaryst:

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From: Hanle Date: Mon, Dec 6, 2021 at 12:35 AM
Subject: Governments becoming Barbaric beyond description. When will ALL people finally see the light – and call these Criminals to account?

Nuremberg made it clear that Criminal Laws cannot be tolerated.

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