British Columbia: Merry Christmas from the Common Law Education and Rights: Christmas overcomes communism! + Warrant for David Lindsay now executed + 45 bylaw tickets against Lindsay

Merry Christmas from the Common Law Education and Rights, British Columbia

Christmas overcomes Communism!
Bonnie the Commie should be in jail. Do not comply with Bonnie the Commie’s new Dec. 21, 2021 orders. Maintain our most cherished Christian holiday without interference from The Commie. Bonnie the Commie, despite her powers under the Public Health Act, does not have the power to destroy our Christmas. Or any other holiday. Or event. Or anything. The Commie’s recent order must be completely ignored by everyone. Peaceful civil disobedience is a fundamental and Constitutional Right/Freedom/Power. We need to get Bonnie the Commie either on a witness stand or in a public debate where neither the Gov’t nor herself control the narrative.

We mentioned a month ago – do not let the Gov’t destroy our Christmas

It will only be destroyed if YOU let them do it by complying with these unconstitutional orders.

And support everyone else that does refuse to comply. If you see anyone being arrested for refusing to comply with these Communist orders, do what it takes to support them. Get others to help prevent their arrest and let the police know that they should not be enforcing these orders and we will not allow them to so do. Standing by secretly looking out your window while your neighbour is hauled away in handcuffs for having their large 15 person family over for Christmas, is worse than doing nothing at all. People who do this should be exported to China – permanently.
Doing nothing – accomplishes nothing and promotes CommunismRefusing to comply – accomplishes freedom.
Warrant for David Lindsay now executed

As many of you are aware David was not at Saturday’s Kelowna Rally. As David predicted last year would eventually happen, the Crown has authorized two (2) falsified charges to be laid of assault, allegedly against two (2) Palladin Security officials at Interior Health, 505 Doyle in Kelowna, from Aug. 19, 2021. Media were present on Saturday in the hopes of getting pix of police arresting David and taking him away in handcuffs, to publicize and scare people away from coming to rallies. That did not materialize.That the Crown would do this is conclusive proof that our rallies are having a major effect on deterring people from getting vaccinated and from complying with Bonnie the Commie’s lockdown measures.
More information will be forthcoming, however, we are limited in what we say to protect the right to a fair and impartial hearing – something that is already tenuous at best.
Getting the paid complainant’s butts on the witness stand is going to be very interesting indeed. First appearance is on Feb. 17, 2022. Full disclosure is expected by the end of January and with hopes to set a trial date at that time. The sooner the better.
45 Bylaw Tickets against David Lindsay Begin in January, 2022

January 6, 2022 is the beginning of more Gov’t tyranny. A hearing begins at City Hall, 1435 Water St., Kelowna on Thursday, Jan. 6, with about 24 bylaw tickets set to be heard beginning at 9:00 a.m. By then a Notice of Constitutional Challenge will be filed. It will be argued that this case be adjourned pending the outcome of this Challenge. Whether all or some of the charges are adjourned, remains to be seen.

We urge everyone who has been to our rallies to show up on this date to support our opposition to Basran the Bluffer and his Buffoons, who are only following orders from The Commie in Victoria to try and shut us down.The arrogant staff at the bylaw office have been put on notice that we are demanding and expecting recognition of the right to an open court hearing, with dozens of people expected to be in attendance.

David will NOT be wearing a mask nor be vaccinated. Make no mistake, there will be no fair and impartial hearing by this Gov’t paid Adjudicator, who refuses to communicate with David – but will communicate with by the bylaw officers and their staff. Hmmm. So much for impartiality right?

David has been informed that “many” bylaw officers will be in attendance but that the officer who laid the charges may not be. That should be interesting as well.

By piotrbein