‘Fascist psychopath’ Trudeau calls the unvaxed ‘racist and misogynistic’ + Biden colludes w. WEF to reward climate cronies + Germany: State officers violently remove kids from mom critical of “covid” + UK: Friends rescue whistleblower abused by hospital + Vaxed pilots are flight risks

‘Fascist Psychopath’: Justin Trudeau Calls the Unvaccinated ‘Racist and Misogynistic…

Great Reset: Biden Colludes with World Economic Forum to Reward Climate Cronies (Video)

Germany: Children Imprisoned: State Officers Violently Remove Kids From Mother Critical of Covid Measures

Shocking Escape: Covid Whistleblower Abused in UK Hospital Rescued by Friends (Interview)

Revealed: ‘Vaccinated’ Pilots Are Flight Risks (Video)

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