Police on Guard for Thee, Canada: Top constitutional lawyer on violation of unvaxed’s rights by corrupt provincial human rights tribunals + Press video re. police court case + DEBATE Police against plandemic

How does The Human Rights Code not accommodate a person who chooses not to get vaccinated?

Toronto Sun Video with Police on Guard’s Chris VandenBos regarding the Police Court Case

Interview with Major Russ Cooper, Erin Howard of Police on Guard and Lawyer Nicholas Wansbutter

Major Russ Cooper (Ret’d) rolls in hot with an active police constable, Erin Howard, and a criminal defense attorney and host of “Don’t Talk TV”, Nicholas Wansbutter, to discuss legal jeopardy as police officers are ordered to enforce pandemic emergency measures. If related edicts, decrees and mandates lack the evidence they need to be considered “demonstrably justified”, can they be seen as unconstitutional? Is it time for the public to close ranks with those who “serve and protect” them to demand the investigations required to substantiate the curtailment of their Charter rights and freedoms? Are we living in a “one party state” that has decided to forego these individual liberties? Strap in for an eye-opening ride as we seek answers. And then visit “Don’t Talk TV” here – https://rumble.com/c/c-832723.

PB: The lawyer misses the most important piece of the puzzle, by ignoring the bankster-corpo mafia behind the plandemic. We can’t wait until the lackey gov’ts.merdia and police facilitate tyrrany, genocide and NWO. Were not the Nuremberg Trials about ir?

By piotrbein