Fraudulent “covid” and “variant” testing produces “cases” that drive the plandemic scare. Simple action can stop the madness

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Dr Andrew Kauffman advises the public to stop complying with Covid-19 testing:

Dr Sam Bailey has fantastic and clear summary videos about the problems with PCR testing/virus isolation, this video highlight the central issues with the tests:

(click on photo to view her PCR testing video/ALL of her channel is highly recommended viewing:

The Truth About PCR Tests

As the testing issues have been thoroughly documented & explored in previous Unite4Truth posts, this blog will not provide extensive further review here.

Suffice to say, PCR tests are non specific to Sars CoV2, developed without virus isolate, a positive result does NOT mean individual is either ill/contagious due to Sars CoV2 (as stated in CDC own emergency use PCR guidelines) and testing is set at cycle amplification rates which produce false positives by default of the setting. (Anything over 24 cycles picks up nothing but dead and non infectious material which is then misrepresented to the public as ‘viral load’ and false evidence of infection/ ‘asymptomatic’ infection).

Antigen tests produce up to 100% false positives when used in low incident populations (the entire US population right now), and no test result has any clinical validity due to other serious design flaw issues with the tests..

Right now, the Omincron ‘pandemic’ is being actively created through mass administration of antigen testing against the FDA statement update of November 3, 2020 warning health care providers/test program administrators the testing will create up to 100% false positive (on this one error) when utilized in low incident populations. (In this writer’s county, going by the FDA formula and current county case numbers and size, the expected false positive rate would be NINETY EIGHT PERCENT accounting for this ONE error alone).

If you want a simple action to take to stop the pandemic madness, calculate the figure of expected false positive for your own county (or town/city) and send it out policy makers, health departments, school districts and tell them TO cease and desist implementing testing against FDA and government standards. Pass this information along to family and friends.

If you are new to the testing issue, you may review all of the government/test manufacturer/peer review data which extensively documents how Covid-19 testing methods and protocols are driving ‘pandemic’ cases NOT infection with Sars CoV2 – HERE, HERE & HERE.

The unscientific and overly broad Covid-19 case attribution standards and definitions may be viewed in the following article:

Government Data Destroys Public Official Covid Claims, Covid-19 Deaths, Cases, Hospitalization

Additionally, there are severe issues with Sars CoV2 isolation studies & methods which have failed to properly validate Sars CoV2 as a novel coronavirus responsible for generic cluster symptoms attributed to Covid-19. Unite4Truth post reviewing this issue HERE .

Dr Kevin Corbett video of review of virus isolation/testing issue here:


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