Join the plandemic resistance: Everyone in the UK start using this

Mark Steele <[email protected]> Wed., Jan. 5 at 4:19 a.m.

Can everyone in the UK start to make use of this and join the resistance to the crimes the globalists are committing on us. Share this link with the growing resistance to this crime.



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PB: Yes: massive letters, walks, street protests…  disobedience by police, health care staff, the military…

Notices of Liability seem to work in Canada at personal level among business owners and managers, the rank and file media, police, health care staff.

Concurrently, we need to guard against cointelpro and infiltration. Recent example mRNA vax inventor Maloney, prof. Bridle not so long ago, and Christine Massey still debates Dr. McCullough on non-existence of SARS CoV-2:

Canadian resources, need to be adapted to UK conditions, but the ghist is there: Canadiana (incl. legal resources)

Canada: Doctors go on tour “Educate before vaccinate”

JCCF: New reports on lockdown harms and covid spread despite vax + Medical colleges harm patients and practice + Court denies interim order halting vax mandate for naturally immune doctors + Doctors temporarily lift vax requirement for transplant patient

British Columbia: Merry Christmas from the Common Law Education and Rights: Christmas overcomes communism! + Warrant for David Lindsay now executed + 45 bylaw tickets against Lindsay

Canadians must become fierce & deadly + Back soon! A lot of turmoil

Canadians must be vaxed or tested to enter the hospital + Constitutional Rights Centre: Mission statement, action against BC and federal gov’ts + Calgary police officer & “Police on Guard” call to action + Mama Bears vax in schools + Emergency communication to all Ontario police

Sudbury: Scores of people deliver Emergency Communication to Ontario Police

Susan Mutch of Aylmer, Canada: Unplug the merdia from your head. Reset must start with putting God first

British Columbia: Persecuted Dr. Charles Hoffe delivers a dose of reality

JCCF: Tyrants always violate our rights under a pretext — how to fight the good fight + BC drops 5 more covid tickets + Quack science travel regulations challenged in Federal Court + Vax policy reversed after pressure, but testing costs on students

Constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati: With all the evidence available, why can’t we arrest and charge public officials?

Serve Notices of Liability

Mayor, city council served Notice of Liability for bio-weapon harm + Police receives Emergency Letter that the existence of SARS CoV-2 has NEVER been proven

Your Body, Your Choice – The legal right to refuse vaccines and other medical treatments

As a Federal Employee, what options are available to me if i choose not to get vaccinated, in order to keep my job?

Action4Canada: Empower yourself — legal hints and resources

Canada’s Freedom Fighters: Canadians Resisting Unconstitutional Lockdowns

Toronto police illegally wants the public to stop reporting mandatory vax as extortion

Dr. Charles Hoffe against College of Physicians

Canada’s military used the plandemic to launch war theater propaganda against citizens

Canada: Rocco Galati along with Police on Guard launch federal lawsuit against mandatory vax & vax passports + Galati answers legal Qs
Action4Canada: Exemption Letter & Notices of Liability — business, mask, jab, PCR testing, etc.

Canada, British Columbia: Top constitutional lawyer files covid case against provincial and federal officialsCanada: Why vax passes are illegal + Challenge vax mandates by employers, colleges and gov’t

My own Notices of Liability, lots of fun, try it:  My own

A selection of press reports on legal actions: Legal

[en, pl, de] German riot police officer to “protest walk” participants: If people stop fearing, this will be over tomorrow

[de] Austria: Vax law bombasted

[de] Swiss jurist committee: 2G vax mandate unconstitutional + Austria: Jab appointment by post illegal

UK gov’t officials face police investigation over “covid vax”

Criminal complaint of Dr. Yeadon and team to ICC of crimes against humanity

Overview of covid legal situation in US, Italy, Switzerland

Prosecute and penalize those who remove fundamental rights and liberties

Remember the Nuremberg Code; legal system strikes back + Federal judge rejects DOD claim that Pfizer EUA and Comirnaty vax are ‘interchangeable’ + Courts block Biden’s vax mandates

Canada: ‘Our free society is at risk’ — over 80 lawyers call for an end to covid vax mandates

Australia: Premier Andrews summoned to court + India: World’s first covid jab murder case against Bill Gates

Oklahoma: Pentagon to “decertify” National Guard commander who banned vax mandate

NYC rabbinical court forbids covid shots to kids, young men and women

US federal court orders covid-19 safety data disclosed

USA: Whistleblower declaration in support of legal actions to revoke and to block the EUA for covid vax

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