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PB: Chris, We might have cointelpro at hand and need to be very careful. Orwell City’s and the “Spanish team’s” efforts look like pseudoscience rushed onto ignorant public.

Such efforts from the beginning have failed to accomplish truly independent, systematic, coordinated, comprehensive bio-nano-medical analyses of the suspect stuff. By now, there’re probably thousands of “vax” batches testing mRNA,  host of injectable nano-tech for telecom and subtle field control of humans  Remember the milestone discovery by our Dr. Diana? read her introduction again, it’s all you need to know if you are unable to understand the rest:

Orwell City have published a blunder, by Ricardo Delgado Martin who blatantly falsified the findings by Prof. Madrid. Claire Edwards and many other ignorants have been duped: 5G and graphene in the bio-weapon: Fraudsters, useful helpers and pseudo-scientists

The Spanish “team” (again only couple of guys) press on us hasbara right from the “neurotechnology” term in the headline, while both of them state in the video the MICROscopy magnification can’t discern NANO-size. The square object with “bluetooth” is certainly not nano. 

The narration and music substitute for lab analysis of vial contents, suggesting instead what we should see. Comparison of the legged structure to Dr. Madej’s is bogus, too; hers was a living creature, while the Polish scientist talked about much longer “legs” of a structure. 

You pass on mostly video links and bla bla. Scientific inquiry and discovery should be  communicated to a rigid scientific standard. Otherwise, you take part in likely public scare deception. Neuro-tech and other nano-structure R&D from a science point have been in the open for years. 

The scamdemic brought out more, e.g. the above disocvery by Dr. Diana and:

God forbid laymen would try to “research” this devillish stuff. For that, one needs to be as knowledgeable as “they” are. Even Dr. Diana, advanced some 20 yrs above the “nobelists” in physics and medicine, does nor know it fully snd at least she humbly admits, as behooves a true scientist. LaQuintaColumna “team” are an unhealthy joke by comparison, they can’t even apply a spectroscope!


A bit too late to give sermons, by someone who gave up scheissphone only couple of yrs ago. You are still a patented ignorant:

gene therapy products that turn human bodies into factories for novel recombinant viruses  — There is no SARS CoV-2, no variants, period: Scam confirmed: PCR does not detect SARS CoV-2.

Canadian Christine Massey with volunteers didn’t find by FOI inquiries (as of 1.1.2022) even one confirmation of SARS CoV-2 isolation and full sequencing, among 153 institutions in more than 25 countries. According to Pharmafia insider,  their companies never had the “virus” in their labs, only a memo from China. More under Non-existent SARS Cov-2 and “covid” diagnosis. You peddle a  genocidal, enslaving PsyOp, while the mRNA bio-weapon is disarming autoimmunity and making the “vaxed” defenseless in face of the to most mundane seasonal “germs”. 

Are Mark, Jeanice, Joe and yourself still at 5G and 60 GHz? 4G LTE will reach those neuro-nano injected. Even if all the towers and satellites were blown up, the reptilians have us by the balls in x years: intelligent nano-dust inhalable from chemtrail air, ingestible from food and drink, absorbable from clothing. The mRNA bio-weapon is being readied for mass distribution in food, never mind swabs in “tests”: Globalists will turn your food into mRNA vax

And it’s self-spreading

people like Reiner Fuellmich — He gathered some of the vast database from independent experts but remains confused on non-existence of SARS CoV-2. Great “Nuremberg2” PR but no achievements in class action suits in multiple jurisdictions, while other attorneys, incl. top constitutional Rocco Galati in Canada admit the courts are too corrupt tp give us any chances.

Still too much talk and unintended disinfo in the grassroots. Time to gather millions on the streets: [en, pl, de] German riot police officer to “protest walk” participants: If people stop fearing, this will be over tomorrow

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Thanks, Chris.  This needs a lot more investigating.  I would add another video that a colleague translated today: PANDEMIC 2021 SUMMARY REPORT – WHAT HAVE WE LEARNED SO FAR?:  It explains that there is no “Covid”, but just exposure to electromagnetic radiation, as I have said all along.  They also explain that the graphene oxide is there to amplify the signal a thousand times, from GHz to THz, but the fact is that we don’t know, do we?  Not without reading all the research papers.  We do know, from another recent La Quinta Columna video, that the graphene acts as a transistor at 26 GHz, and we know that 26 GHz is the standard that is being adopted by ITU and the EU, so it is the standard for 5G, one of them, and perhaps the main one as this is the famous millimetre wave about which we were all warned.

Someone suggested to me today that in fact the bodies of the vaxxenated are now acting as routers and don’t need electricity from antennas.  That would seem logical, since the GO amplifies the signal so it can use the electricity available in the body.  So perhaps are we saying that the Internet of Bodies is just that, an Internet of Bodies?  In other words, if the bodies are all routers and the electricity for the Internet of Bodies is being generated by the bodies themselves, then it all takes place independent of antennas, and the antennas are simply there to collect the data and send it on.  I don’t know and this will only become clearer as time goes on.  As is suggested below, the next plandemic would be the one that would be the killer.  Once you had all this infrastructure in place, once you had collected all the data on all the bodies, then you would set your algorithms to find out who was creative, who could survive this technology, who was going to cause you trouble, and you would just switch off all the people you didn’t want, just as they have “switched off” the old and the disabled.  I also don’t subscribe to the view that any of this is a test or a trial.  I think they would not have rolled out all of these vaxxines/human to transhuman conversion kits if they were not certain of what they were doing.  I don’t know anything much about supersoldiers, but one might guess that they were the prototypes for all this.

Now I have to turn to astrology because it is all you can do if you don’t know the answers, and one astrologer talking about the year to come said that a way of undoing what has been done to the vaxxed will be found.  That is in line with what LQC are saying: you can detox from GO with glutathione, NAC, D3 and the other supplements they mention.  So all is not yet lost as long as we all understand what is going on and how to deal with it.  And for that to happen, we have to get this issue through the dense heads of doctors and people like Reiner Fuellmich and others, who will not touch 5G.  It’s the elephant in the living room.



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Hello everyone, this needs to be tested all around the world,

patents from 1970s about this stuff, so they have had a lot of time to work on this

best resource

It appears to me that the graphene in the blood creates the ANTENNA,

which can broadcast up to about 20 metres, perhaps even more, we need to find out

If the mice patent is true, think of what they could do to the mind.

There is a video that shows graphene exposed to wireless, it moves when RF hits it

imagine it inside the body, it would cause pains and sores – just like in the Bible

Reduction and Control appear to be the main goals, but who knows what else it could be used for

We need to start doing tests of all kinds to confirm these following videos,

make videos if you can and share on the safe video networks that won’t ban your work.

If many share what they find in their part of the world that would be very helpful to many

There is about to be a PAUSE, about two to three years and then 5G will be activated,

whether its gradual or sudden, if 5G is on, for many it could be fatal

5G seems to be just waiting in the shadows

Perhaps this all explains why some phones have no 5G antenna gear inside them,  5G is just for human antennas

The solution is to SHINE LIGHT ON IT

so please if you capture video footage related to BLUETOOTH NANO ID ROUTERS

please post it on a safe video server so others can view what you have discovered,

thank you for all you do, take care

INTRODUCTION – a simple video, what people are seing : 





MORE Bluetooth Phones Seem to Reveal Those Numbered By “Certificate Of Vaccination ID”

“Covid Vaccinated” Man Has Product Number ID– Certificate Of Vaccination IDentification AI


Does The Certificate-Of-Vaccination-ID SHOT Contain MOTB Chip Which Can Be Tracked?

She Keeps It Short and To The Point- DNA Change, Attacking the God Gene, Transhumanism

“Vaccine”+Graphene+5G= BRAIN CONTROLLED TRANSHUMAN ZOMBIE- Dr. Chinda Brandolino

Any one out there checked for the numbers from BLUETOOTH?

Micro Routers found in Pfizer 

NANO-ROUTERS | Source of Bluetooth MAC ADDRESSES (of the JABBED)

“Vax-Free” Don’t Show Up as BLUETOOTH MISC CODES

GRAPHENE OXIDE & NEUROTECHNOLOGY (Emitting Bluetooth MAC Addresses) in the “Covid Vaccinations”

BLUETOOTH Challenge Confirms BTE MAC Address for EACH “Covid Vaccination” -SHOTS R NUMBERED

BLUETOOTH CHALLENGE–Connects to “Covid Vaccinated” Farmer

MORE Bluetooth Phones Seem to Reveal Those Numbered By “Certificate Of Vaccination ID”

“Covid Vaccinated” Man Has Product Number ID– Certificate Of Vaccination IDentification AI



Man shows how to locate “vaccinated” people on the dark web, because they are now numbered and tracked real-time:

She Keeps It Short and To The Point- DNA Change, Attacking the God Gene, Transhumanism

“Vaccine”+Graphene+5G= BRAIN CONTROLLED TRANSHUMAN ZOMBIE- Dr. Chinda Brandolino

Testing BlueTooth Phone In Walmart Parking Lot- Are “Vaccinated” People Showing Up as 


MAN’S ARM SCANNED Revealing PRODUCT NUMBER From “Vaccination”

“Vax” Contains TECH PARASITISM- “Electromagnetic Wireless Nano-Sensor Network” Via Graphene Oxide

The SPARS Pandemic 2025–2028:
A Futuristic Scenario to Facilitate Medical Countermeasure Communication

Emily K. Brunson, Hannah Chandler, Gigi Kwik Gronvall, Sanjana Ravi, Tara Kirk Sell, Matthew P. Shearer, and Monica Schoch-Spana3

1.        Department of Anthropology, Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas, USA

2.        Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, New York, New York, USA

3.        Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and Department of Environmental

Health and Engineering, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, Maryland, USA


Effective communication about medical countermeasures—including drugs, devices, and biologics—is often critical in emergency situations. Such communication, how- ever, does not just happen. It must be planned and prepared for. One mechanism to develop communication strategies is through the use of prospective scenarios, which allow readers the opportunity to rehearse responses while also weighing the implications of their actions. This article describes the development of such a scenario: The SPARS Pandemic 2025–2028. Steps in this process included deciding on a time frame, identifying likely critical uncertainties, and then using this framework to construct a storyline covering both the response and recovery phases of a fictional emergency event. Lessons learned from the scenario development and how the scenario can be used to improve communication are also discussed.







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Subject: Re: “They” want you to fear and shake — 5G and plandemic

I suppose I’d better wade in with my two-pennerth.  Wireless technology is a weapon system and and always was nothing but a weapon system and that is perfectly obvious to anyone who actually bothers to do the research.  And what is more, I have known it is a weapon system since very early on.  However, what I know now is – if that is at all possible – that it is a weapon system way beyond your worst imagining.  To call it nightmarish is an understatement.  It is a technology from deep in the bowels of hell.  What this weapon system is capable of is – well, what did Bearden say?

“This technology will give us the capability to engineer reality itself — both physical reality, life and mind.  And we will be able to engineer it to be either a heaven or a hell; the choice is strictly up to us.”

Brezhenev called these weapons “more frightful than the mind of man has ever imagined“.

So what you have against you is that the thing is so enormous that you cannot explain it in 10 minutes.  When Mark tries to explain the technicalities of 5G, I suppose it is like trying to explain a warship to Pacific natives in the 18th century.  They couldn’t even see ships that were right in front of them because they had no point of reference.  It is the same here.  Most people do not do the research and most of us are at a loss to explain it to them because of its enormity.

Added to that you have cognitive dissonance.  Most human beings cannot conceive of a plan to wipe out humanity, or indeed to terraform the planet for another life form altogether.  They have been kept in childish ignorance for so long, with stupidity and inanity to entertain them, that they have no notion of what it is to be responsible or adult.

I am still watching prominent people (naming no names) actually saying this rubbish about “Well. 5G is so much more dangerous to health than all the previous generations because it is so much mor powerful …”.  I am sick of hearing this, too.

But I have reached the point of zero tolerance now.  How many of you guys are getting rid of your own phones?  Huh?  You don’t consider your own complicity in this genocide?  I will no longer tolerate idiots who wear masks.  They are complicit in the killing of children and old people who are dying from lack of oxygen.  I will not tolerate idiots who take gene therapy products that turn human bodies into factories for novel recombinant viruses that could cause real and deadly worldiwde pandemics that could wipe out hundreds of millions or billions of people.

The world is now dividing into those who are willing to stand up and take responsibility and those who indulge in the worst infantile behaviour, with zero responsibility and zero willingness to face the truth or even bother to find out what it is.  They are not so much cowards as blanks.  I wonder how much of their behaviour is actually attributable to 25 years of mobile phone use.  I am told that one French psychologist has written about zombification.  Originally, in Haiti, it was brought about by the administration of a drug that destroyed the myelin sheath, I suppose it was, turning the human into a zombie that had no human feelings or thoughts, but just worked like an automaton.  He argues that people are no longer capable of rational thought or judgement.  He suggests it is because of all sorts of poisoning over recent decades, wireless technology just being one, and one that doubtless works synergistically with all the other toxins.

So what to do?  Well, too late to do anything for the 35 million Americans who have taken the gene therapy product.  They will die.

We have to keep on telling the truth and putting the evidence out there.  Some people will put two and two together no matter how many denials and distortions there are.  The numbers of people waking up are growing because the assault is too obvious.  Witness the US, where 80 million people had an Alzheimer’s clone imposed on them as president and are now being told that they are all terrorists because they are guilty of thinking for themselves.

I still have every confidence that it will all come out in the wash.  “They” are already defeated — they just don’t know it yet.

Hang on in there!  And get rid of those f*ing phones!  If you don’t, you are hypocrites.  You know, you can survive without one.  I’ve survived for two years without one.  Yeah, it’s not that convenient, but wake up and smell the coffee.  You cannot beat being free of those demonic little black-screened homunculi lurking around you all the time.

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