UK Column 3.1.2022

3:00 Nazi like policy: Young people w. learning difficulties offered Do Not Resuscitate notices + 4:30 The fallacy of testing for covid + 5:16 CDC didn’t admit RT-PCR tests are invalid + 7:41 Measures to prevent healrh care workplace disruption: Import foreign labour, hire retiored teachers, ease inter-hospital moves… + 9:18 Gov’t rapidly approve Pfizer oral covid antiviral without proper testing, Astra Zeneca covid vax still under trials but approved + 17:36 Psycho “British” nazi scares sensible people + 20:14 In all country, Guardian finds 2 supposed vax refuseniks and spins from it + 25:47 Fauci knows vax risk of his deception + 30:49 Pfizer partnered w. China to develop vax pass linked to payment systems + 33:17 Full Fact fact-free response admits MSM disinfo + 35:30 Gov’t propaganda in hyperdrive w. normalising assistance by NGOs and Royal Institution + 53:27 Positive action examples

By piotrbein