Pain in the ass of neo-commie psychos, on Orthodox Christmas Eve: BC premier’s BS on New Year’s

Piotr Bein pain in the ass of neo-commie psychos, on Orthodox Christmas Eve

Re. Premier’s statement on New Year’s Day

Premier Horgan has issued a New Year’s Day statement, saying 2021 has been an ” exceptionally challenging time”:

For many, this will be remembered as the year that climate change arrived on our doorsteps. Here in B.C., we faced record-setting droughts, heat waves and forest fires, floods and mudslides.

What a moronic claptrap, considering that climate change is as perpetual as Earth’s history and anthropogenic effects are miniscule compared to Sun’s energy influx. Main thing for Horgan, his neo-marxist rhetoric caters to neo-commie ideology of his bankster paymasters, the same utterly corrupt and genocidal cabal that brought the plan- or scam-demic mass psychosis fraud.

Through it all, British Columbians have risen to the challenge. Around the province, people have welcomed neighbours into their homes and onto their lands. They have provided food and shelter, helped rescue livestock and rushed to fill sandbags at all hours of the day and night.

That happens to be none of Horgan govt’s achievements. Canadians being normal help neighbours in need like any peoples yet uncorrupted by neo-marxist psycho social engineering. Mr. Horgan, talk instead to the criminal negligence (or wilful sabotage?), by failing to forewarn British Columbians in Sumas Praire and other areas fatally affected by Pineapple Expresses, an euphemism for bankster weaponisation of weather! And to the likely frying of Lytton and environs to punish Dr. Hoffe and the local Natives, an anomaly suspicious of same weaponisation.

At the same time, we continue to grapple with a global pandemic that has claimed lives and threatened livelihoods. While we will feel these losses for a long time to come, there is reason for hope.

What frigging global pandemic! The only threat (and implemented one to be precise) came from the commie Victoria and Ottawa psychos, the “I have reasons to believe” monkeys, sorry pinocchio-nosed crackpot doctors and claptrap “epidemiologists” from China and BC jungles via WHO school of non-science.

You legitimise the brazen fraud, premier Horgan. There’s no SARS CoV-2 virus, hence no “pandemic” of it nor any “variants” as “tests” are incapable of diagnosing, never mind a fictitious “covid”, while pumping up daily quota of “cases” to scare the dumbed-up masses.

You can shut down my blog and thousands like it via your “public threat” Farnworth and obedient RCMP lackey ignorants of science cum stalinist thought police. But in the smoke and mirrors of the foregoing, your neo-commie gov’t is killing and maiming us with bio-weapon “vax” and denied healthcare we fully paid for.

Resign, if you have any trace of honour left in your soul. Terrorised by a non-elect “public health” quack quasi-professor Bonnie Henry, you are a pitiful specimen of a male and a disgrace to the heritage of Canadians, not worthy to eat from their table.

Over the past year, the largest immunization program in B.C.’s history has rolled out around the province, with children now able to receive a safe and effective vaccine. For every person protected against COVID-19, we are all closer to reclaiming a more normal way of life.

Agreed, the most genocidal, too, congruent with bankster/pharmafia conspiracy globally, an uprecedented assault on Humanity, in which according to your own statements you and your freemasons in Victoria are among world’s top jabbers of subjects, sorry, taxpayers for the global bankster usury. Money is no longer the name of the game, genocide, NWO and transhumanizm are, and you know it, Horgan! Your “normal” is NWO via GreatReset, Agenda 21 and transhumanism.

Hence your polit-correctly appointed greenhorn StrongerBC Young Leaders Council claps like the Victoria and Ottawa commie gov’ts do to Greta’s climate BS. You and your cronies globally disrespect the elderly’s wisdom and instead set the “dialectic” of inter-generational “struggle” to divide and conquer.

Your govt essey on “climate war” is as belied as the genocidal scamdemic you guys subscribe to and implement. Absurd talk on equivalent of taking 200,000 cars off the road every year and substituting with el-cars? There is not enough of specialty minerals globally even for the UK alone to do that! In hard numbers, total world ANNUAL energy consumption amounts to 5×1020 Joule, while the Sun strikes the Earth with over 100,000 times more energy than that. Go figure how anthropogenic miniscule activity could compete with Sun’s huge output responsible for our weather and climate.

As a province, we have been tested in ways we never could have imagined. With each new challenge, British Columbians have responded with courage, generosity and a fierce determination to come back stronger. Our government will be there every step of the way.

Shove your neo-commie “testing” of serfs for the banksters! You and your cronies have passed a test of allegiance to the oppressor of your electorate. Again, whatever the PEOPLE have achieved, you have no part of, unless you consider uninformed consent to a bio-weapon experiment to be an achievement. And now vaxing kids with this poison! Such deranged (pedofile cum child ritual sacrifice?) gov’t deserves gallows, nothing less.

As we reflect on the year, let us celebrate the incredible resilience of British Columbians. Together, we look forward to the brighter days ahead. On behalf of all British Columbians, I wish you a Happy New Year!

Who authorised Horgan to speak on behalf of British Columbians to fellow citizens? If anything, you must listen and obey what the Sovereign tells you to do, patented genocider and fraudster Horgan!

By piotrbein