USA: Pilots “dropping like flies” post-covid vax + Pfizer whistleblower questions vax data + Gates’ NewNormal: Gov’ts should censor social media + Jab 4-6 fights “delmicron”, 4th jab wanes after 2 months & climate authoritarianism + Covid speak around masks, myocarditis & natural immunity implode as mass psychosis revealed

US Pilot Says His Colleagues Are “Dropping Like Flies With Crushing Chest Pain” Post-Covid-19 Vaccination

Pfizer Whistleblower Exposes Cover Up Calling Vaccine Data Into Question

Bill Gates Calls For Governments To Censor Social Media And Celebrates ‘The New Normal’

Jab 4-6 Here To Fight “Delmicron” “Flurona”, 4th Jab Wanes After 2 Months & Climate Authoritarianism

The COVID Narratives Around Masks, Myocarditis & Natural Immunity Implode As Mass Psychosis Revealed

By piotrbein