“Security” thugs obstructing justice at Peterborough Public Health 5.1.2022

“These “security” “men” (I use the term loosely) prevented me from accessing a publicly funded office – Peterborough Public Health – and thus prevented me from serving an Emergency Communication (Statement of “COVID-19” Facts proving that the alleged “COVID-19 virus” aka “SARS-COV-2” has never been shown to exist and “COVID-19 is a worldwide lie; Notice: Trespass and Liability; a Statement of General Facts; Cease and Desist) to Larry Stinson (the man who serves as “Director of Operations”) and Thomas Piggott (the man who serves as “Medical Officer of Health”) regarding all “COVID-19” interference and all other unlawful interference.

These “security” “men” had called corporate policy officers (ones who masquerade as “law enforcement”) on me earlier in the afternoon.

Both the policy / “police” officers (Rogers wearing badge 277 and Courneya wearing badge 216) and these “men” working for a company called Kewley (the one on the left in the thumbnail would only identify himself as 11257340) and the “man” acting as their supervisor Garth Bradshaw, 11120481, assured me that these “guards” would deliver the paperwork to Peterborough Public Health for me. I said I did not trust them to do that.

Then, Rogers wearing badge 277 tricked me into providing him my name by pretending that he would take a CRIME REPORT from me. Instead of living up to his word, Rogers only handed me a worthless piece of paper labelled an “Offence Notice” – as if I’m supposed care that he or his bosses have their delicate feelings offended by my attempt to deliver a lawful Notice, while they enforce fraud-based “COVID-19” trespasses.

Then, Rogers and Courneya both turned their backs on me while I attempted to report the CRIME that they wish to ignore. I read to them a Statement of COVID-19 facts that make the CRIME obvious to anyone with a modicum of intelligence, while they snickered and said things like “I don’t know who you think is listening to you“.

I suppose Rogers thought he was rather clever. But the joke’s on him, because I immediately RESCINDED his offer and made clear that I have NO CONTRACT with Rogers or the service corporation he represents. All that Rogers accomplished was to demonstrate that he is a dishonourable weasel masquerading as a LAW enforcer, at least when it comes to the faux pandemic.

Rogers and Courneya had also threatened to arrest me… for trying to deliver a Notice: Trespass and Liability to “public servants” engaged in fraud and crimes against humanity.

Regardless of all this thuggery, later, after visiting the Peterborough Police Station, I decided to give the so-called “security” “men” a chance to live up to their word by delivering the Notice to Larry Stinson and Thomas Piggott for me. So I returned to Peterborough Public Health. But, as shown in the video, Christian and his sidekick turned out to be liars who left my paperwork lying on the ground and me standing in the rain for 20 minutes, until I finally retrieved it and left.

And so my LAWFUL NOTICE was not served today, thanks to the obstruction of so-called “men” posing as so-called “law enforcement” and “security guards”.

(I’m told that the “security” “man” on the left is known has Christian Tobey.)

See here for a listing and details of prior related filingshttps://www.fluoridefreepeel.ca/emergency-communication-to-all-ontario-police/

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