Internet of underwater things (IoUT)

A comprehensive study on the internet of underwater things: applications, challenges, and channel models

Internet of Underwater Things and Big Marine Data Analytics—A Comprehensive Survey

An Efficient Void Aware Framework for Enabling Internet of Underwater Things

Deep learning model for real-time image compression in Internet of Underwater Things (IoUT)

Acoustic sensor networks in the Internet of Things applications

Internet of Multimedia Things (IoMT): Opportunities, Challenges and Solutions

[HTML] Underwater Communications and Sensors Technologies

Enhanced fully generalized spatial modulation for the internet of underwater things

Guest Editorial Special Issue on Information-Centric Wireless Sensor Networking (ICWSN) for IoT

Underwater image transmission using spatial modulation unequal error protection for internet of underwater things

Underwater wireless sensor networks: A survey on enabling technologies, localization protocols, and internet of underwater things

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