UK Column 12.1.2022

0:25 WEF Global Risk Worry-Fest + 3:25 COP26 a failure to save the Earth, but success in capitalizing nature and eocosystem services as investment vehicles + 24:20 Gov’t Hydrogen From Biomass Scheme will produce greenhouse gas water vapour + 31:22 To MHRA Fast Tracking Products is Good Clinical Practce + 33:03 US Supreme Court Spreads Patently False Covid Info + 39:09 MSM Increasing Extremism Incitement of Hatred + 47:34 US Federal Laws Don’t Have the Reach Washington Would Like To Imagine + 50:30 Fact Checking Science Fails, Who Is checking The Fact Checkers + 1:14:28 Are Pfizer Timing Jab Development To Meet Financial Reports? + 1:15:19 European Christian Good Will Runs Out for the Unvaccinated As Australia Target Aboriginals

By piotrbein