USA: No one gives a fig about covid + Poll: Most Canadians reject vax passes + Ontario citizens sue province over covid pass mandate + Top Canadian lawyer: covid vax mandates bring unprecedented coercion into workplace

In 90% of the Country, No One Gives a Flying Fig About COVID

Poll shows most Canadians (even those who got the shot) don’t support vaccine passports

Ontario citizens fight back, sue province over COVID passport mandate

Top Canadian lawyer: COVID vax mandates bring unprecedented levels of coercion into workplace

by Jack Bingham

(LifeSiteNews) – A top Ontario employment lawyer told a freedom-loving politician that the vaccine discrimination and coercion in today’s workplace is unprecedented.  

On December 14, prominent Ontario Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) Roman Baber interviewed lawyer Daniel Lublin regarding the legal implications of vaccine mandates in the workplace and how employees can protect themselves against encroaching tyranny.  

“In my [20-year career] I have never seen a more fundamental shift in the way the world of workplace law is operating,” Lublin told Baber as the hour-long interview kicked off. 

“And I have never seen a more substantive, considerable change to employment rights, and it happened so quickly.”

Lubin outlined how, in the span of just “2 or 3 weeks” in the summer of 2021, vaccine mandates for workers in various sectors went from a fringe concept to nearly ubiquitous in many industries.  

After Baber and Lublin reviewed what has been happening to workers in Ontario, with people being forced to choose between taking one of the COVID-19 vaccines or losing their source of income, Lublin told Baber that he believes there is “room for optimism” in righting these wrongs.  

“The law doesn’t allow temporary layoffs, the law doesn’t allow termination without severance, the law doesn’t allow employers to fundamentally shift and make changes midstream to people’s employment,” Lublin said.  

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