BC top group calls to join two extremely important Freedom Rallies in Kelowna

Greetings everyone. Please see our flyers below for two extremely important upcoming Freedom Rallies in Kelowna. We are grateful to join hundreds of cities across the world for this coming Saturday, Jan. 22 World Wide Rally. As all of you know, the primary reason we are in this unconstitutional mess, is the corruption in our media.

Please join us from all over British Columbia in Kelowna, this coming Wednesday, Jan. 26 for a massive rally in front of local Kelowna and B.C. Interior media outlets, starting at Castanet.

These media outlets have lied and promoted falsehoods about us, and repetitively misrepresented us in their mainstream media, while simultaneously refusing to expose the statistical lies and false narratives by our corrupt governments and Bonnie Henry. Your attendance to these two rallies is critical. Please take a few hours from your days and join us to voice to the world and health officials, our individual and collective opposition to our corrupt governments and media.
The CLEAR Team

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By piotrbein