Canada Convoy to End Mandates: Ignorant activists’ irresponsible messaging

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PB: Again ignorant activists’ wishful thinking produces irresponsible messaging that clashes with one by the BC organizer:  All-Canada rally to tell Ottawa stick jabs into their ass: BC truckers will start, every ctizien is invited even for a few miles or standing by the road. He makes no mention of blocking traffic or slowing down supply chain. It’s overzealous or willful sabotage propaganda.  

The protest convoys on major highways can’t possibly block or slow down anything, except themselves. Priority transit traffic can whisk by on left lane(s).

OUR truckers will not yield to Ottawa pressures and will not jeopardise the supply chain, just as OUR farmers in BC have not let down us food consumers, despite all gov’t levels failing in carrying out their public duty: Scamdemic governments let down British Columbians in record floods.

That weather-driven event has shown that the gov’t can’t do anything against our solidarity, cooperation and sheer numbers.

So what for the supply shortages scare, eh? Panic buying all over the country would be irrational — and might create a real supply problem. The time for stocking up a couple months’ food and necessities  was during the last umpteen months, Who has not done it gradually without overburdening OUR supply system, is useful to the gov’t psychos to trigger real problems.  Plus more hate from lamestream merdia and the psycho commie politicos…

I urge the organizers listed in the post to spread the word, as I don’t have the contacts. — Piotr Bein

On Monday, January 17, 2022, 07:51:21 p.m. PST, [name withheld,reporededly from Messenger]:

Hi Everyone, We’ve been asked to share this out for everyone. It’s about the trucking Protest. On that note I personally am recommending you prepare with some extra food. Look up the top 50 storable foods on line and grab yourselves some long term storage food. Flour, Tuna, Nuts, Rice, Vitamins, canned fruits and vegetables all come to mind.

Can you share this out? Truckers across Canada are organizing a “Convoy to End Mandates”. On January 23rd, they will begin a “slow roll”, from as many border points as possible, to slow down major road transportation routes across the Country.

Truckers, and all others, are invited to join the convoy, to send a message to the Government, that forced vaccinations will not be tolerated. As of January 15th, Trudeau has mandated that all truckers crossing the border must be vaccinated. Similar mandates are already causing problems in Health Care systems, air transportation, and other sectors.

This latest action will create major supply problems for many products Canadians rely on. The time has come to show Ottawa, and the Provinces, that we are not going to allow Government to continue to slowly squeeze Canadians into giving up their God-given – and Constitutionally protected – Rights and Freedoms.

Contact one of the organizers to get more information and to find out how you can get involved.

  • Calgary – Cathy (403) 200-8938[email protected] [Phone number corrected via Cathy’s email to me.– PB]
  • Saskatchewan – Chris (306) 774-4330 or Derek (306) 640-7632
  • Winnipeg – Joe (204) 493-0022 or Dale (204) 312-8399
  • Sarnia – Brigette (678) 778-6992 – [email protected]
  • Windsor – Ben (519) 816-9114 – [email protected]

If you are in an area not shown here, contact Brigette (see her contact info above), to let her know you can help out (in Quebec, BC, the Eastern Provinces, etc.). Please use your networks and contacts to spread the word. We need hundreds of vehicles to show up to make a difference!

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