US attorney: Miscarriages up 300%, cancers 300%, neurological problems 1000% + UK gov’t say 150k people died of covid in the past 2 years but ONS say 6k + Over 1000 studies: Experimental covid jabs are dangerous + Belgium drops Moderna vax for the young for heart inflammation risk

How many people have really died of Covid-19 in the past 2 years? The UK Gov. say 150,000 but the ONS state it is as low as 6,000

“Substantial Data” Shows – Miscarriages up 300% – Cancers Up 300% – Neurological Problems up 1000% – according to U.S. Attorney

Over 1,000 Scientific Studies prove the Experimental Covid Injections are Dangerous

Belgium Drops Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine for Young People Due to Heart Inflammation Risk

By piotrbein