Nuremberg Laws: relatively liberal

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Half-Jew Werner Goldberg, emblematic ‘Aryan warrior’
Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers  

Nuremberg Laws: relatively liberal

In spite of their seemingly ‘racist’ premiss of “protecting the German blood”, the Nuremberg Laws, nevertheless, fully enfranchised all half-Jews in Germany, who consequently faced no discrimination at all, and were found in all walks of life in the Third Reich – civilian and military.*

Thus the populist  ‘racist’ façade of the Nuremberg Laws very well concealed what was, in fact, a non-racist, if not an anti-racist legislation – directed not against any persons of “Jewish blood”, but against the Khazar tribal criminality.

Had the American racial laws been half as liberal as the Nuremberg Laws, the comely mulatto girl Rosa Parks (actually chosen for the task for her pleasant looks) would have never been told to go to the back of that bus in Montgomery, Alabama.

In any case, with the Rothschild-assisted birth of the Third Reich, the ringleaders of the Jews soon had the ear of the new German government, who were only too glad to hear a clearly stated Zionist demand that all Jews must be ingathered in ‘Zion’ – in the unfortunate Palestine, with a view to setting up a ‘Jewish Reich’ of their own –
and thus render Germany judenrein  – free of Jews.

Coincidentally or not, at the beginning of the Third Reich in 1933, the predominant school of thought among the leadership of the Waffen-SS  in regard of the Jewish Question  was also positively pro-Zionist.
So much so, that the quarter-Jew Reinhard Heydrich, Heinrich Himmler’s second-in-command, went on record with the words: “As a National-Socialist, I’m a convinced Zionist”.

And the murderous I$raeli apartheid of today may well owe its very existence to that initial impetus provided by the political approval of Dr Goebbels and the practical migration assistance of the Waffen-SS –
as much as it is owed to the Jew Rothschild banksters themselves, who, of course, generously funded the Nazi Party since 1928 – through the good offices of Dr Goebbels.

Since 1941, however, when Mr Hitler decided to invade the Soviets – hitherto, his non-fighting allies – the Khazar tribesmen falsely known as ‘Jews’ had to be interned, as their allegiance was largely owed to the Soviet Union, their Izrael Mark 1.  The Khazar Jews used to
venerate Comrade Stalin like Satanists worshipping the Antichrist.

In any case, even in Auschwitz, the prisoner survival rate was a great
deal higher than in the Jew-run Soviet Gulag, where some sixty six million were exterminated.

*Among the Wehrmacht’s Jewish generals, there were two half-Jewish brothers who went by the name Zukertort (sugar tart), a name about as German as Golda Meyer. A likely joke was eventually making its
rounds of the Waffen-SS barracks: “The Führer has got a sweet tooth, so he must have his Zukertorts.”

By piotrbein