Attend a Freedom Rally – TOMORROW – in support of the Canadian Truckers Freedom Convoy! If you can’t sign a petition of support for our Truckers

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To:Piotr Bein Fri., Feb. 4 at 12:08 p.m.

Attend a Freedom Rally – TOMORROW – in support of the Canadian Truckers  Freedom Convoy!

Dear Piotr, Tomorrow, Saturday, Feb. 5th, marks one week of peaceful protest in Ottawa by the Canadian Truckers Freedom Convoy!
And, they need a show of support. Actually, freedom, itself, needs a big show of support!
Therefore, peaceful, freedom-loving people of all backgrounds will be assembling in Ottawa at Parliament Hill from 12p.m., and, in Toronto, another demonstration will occur at 12 p.m. in front of Queen’s Park.
In Ottawa, LifeSite will deliver to the organizers of the Freedom Convoy more than 40,000 signatures of a petition telling the truckers that Canadians, and the world, stands with them.

If you would like to add your name to the petition, please CLICK HERE and sign.

After signing, please consider SHARING with your like-minded friends, family and freedom-loving colleagues.

And, if you will be in attendance at one of the aforementioned Freedom Convoy rallies, please consider supporting a trucker with a little gas money, or with a little non-perishable food, like granola bars or Gatorade.

Thank YOU for doing what you can to support this important initiative which is widely supported by Canadians everywhere, and which is pushing back against government tyranny.Look forward to seeing you at one of the rallies, in support of Freedom.Yours sincerely,Michael J. DaPos

PS – If you haven’t already, please SIGN the petition – STAND with Canadian Truckers

. Then, please SHARE.

PPS – If you are able, please attend one of the Freedom Convoy rallies taking place tomorrow in Ottawa, or in Toronto. Keep the momentum for freedom going!

By piotrbein