Billion lives covid fraud: Vaxed & boosted have 3 yrs to live + Cov-vax death rates much higher than reported + USA 2021: 40% rise in excess deaths of 18 to 49-yr-olds + Countries w. high cov-vax rates 2021: Sharp rise in excess deaths blamed on jabs + Official data: Cov-vax effectiveness against death MINUS 112%

The Billion Lives Covid-19 Fraud: The Vaccinated & Boosted have 3 years to live…

Shocking analysis finds that Covid-19 Vaccine Death-Rates are much higher than what is being officially reported

CDC data shows 40% rise in Excess Deaths among 18 to 49-year-olds in the USA in 2021

Countries with high Covid-19 Vaccination Rates all suffered an extraordinary rise in Excess Deaths in 2021 suggesting the Jabs are to blame

Real-World Covid-19 Vaccine Effectiveness against Death now as low as MINUS 112% according to official Public Health Data

By piotrbein