Pfizer’s confidential doc: Cov-vax may cause enhanced disease; real-world data proves it + New study: Cov-vax cause a new form of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome + Scotland: Covid death rate highest among fully vaxed, suggesting ADE + Official data: Cov-vax cause serious immune system degradation, every shot makes things worse

Pfizer admits in Confidential Documents that its Covid-19 Vaccine may cause Vaccine-Associated Enhanced Disease; and real-world data now proves it definitely does

New Scientific Study finds that the Covid-19 Vaccines are causing a new form of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

Public Health Scotland Data shows Covid-19 Death-Rate is highest among Fully Vaccinated; suggesting ADE

Official Data shows Covid-19 Vaccines cause serious Immune System degradation; and every shot makes things considerably worse

By piotrbein