Experimental jab, no liability + India: Discrimination, social divide, medical apartheid, hatred + Austria: Cov-vax compulsory + US: Cov-cases for profit + Lockdowns devastate the poorest + UK: Deaths below 5-yr average + Broccoli can help repair brain spike protein damage?

Should Vaccine Damage Liability Rest With Those Pushing The Experimental Jab?

India Forced Vaccinations: “Discrimination, social divide, medical apartheid and hatred must be stopped at the earliest,” says AIM

Austria Makes Covid-19 Vaccines Compulsory For All Citizens Aged 18 and Over

“COVID Cases Are Being Inflated For Profit” Says U.S. Whistleblower Nurse

Lockdowns Have Devastated the World’s Poorest: 2.4 million People in Zimbabwe’s Urban Areas Become Food Insecure, UNICEF says

Office of National Statistics says – “UK Deaths are Below the 5 Year Average” – Is The “Crisis” All Over?

Could a molecule found in broccoli help the brain repair spike protein damage?

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