Civilian Freedom Convoy to Ottawa from Nova Scotia

Guide Furlani <[email protected]> Fri., Feb. 18 at 11:01 a.m.

Dear Friends,

Obviously events are happening at a much faster pace rate.

A “Lioness for freedom”, Dr Dena Churchill is organizing the unthinkable..: a Civilian Freedom Convoy to Ottawa…!!!! Please see more below

This Ottawa Convoy is leaving tomorrow morning at 7am from Enfield NS

If you know any Nova Scotian friends that can support this action, please forward this whole email.

Next,  we can also join the slow-roll Nova Scotia Convoy.

The Nova Scotia Convoy is leaving tomorrow morning as well, from Greenwood (Annapolis Valley) NS. Meet at Walmart parking 9am. Departure 10am, toward Yarmouth (See attached plan)

Personally to Dena: Thank you my friend for all you do for We The People..!

To all that can join or help in any way God bless, God speed…!!!


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REMEMBER..:  IF being part of this “Bcc List” bugs you or is not your wish, just email me back. Regardless of our relationship NO OFFENSE WILL BE TAKEN. I’ll remove your name immediately and keep our relationship intact – If on the other end you know someone that might be interested to be kept in the loop, please let me know

From: Dena [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: February 18, 2022 9:55 AM
To: Dena <[email protected]>
Cc: dena Churchill <[email protected]>
Subject: Convoy

Dear Friends, 

Tamara Lich one of the organizers of the truck rally was unlawfully arrested in Ottawa last night.  Often this is an effective strategy to remove the leaders to weaken the group. .  The moral of the Ottawa group is lower but they are still there holding the line!  I feel called now to go even just for a few days and hopefully have some fresh energy and new recruits to join me.   I’ve been speaking to friends who have been there for three weeks so we are developing a plan, back road route and strategy.  At the moment, the idea is follow a similar route as the original convoy, overnight in Edmundston NB and then on to Ottawa.  Apparently, the exits to the city are blocked to freedom peoples so we may simply have to blockade the blockade or move in separately with our flags removed.  If  say you are going to skate on the canal or have business in the city, you are allowed in.  We’ve not much time to organize so bring all your ideas, your toothbrush and your decorated vehicles to enfield Big stop for 6:oo am tomorrow morning and we’ll be on the road by 7am.   I’ve stayed close to my computer up until now to share with you the information and resources you require but for the next week I’ll be off-line.  We have came so far….share the information, continue to email and call your representatives and do all that you can to ensure our healthy free world! 

We are still working out the best way to communicate with each other on route but a slower roll on the trans Canada with our emergency flashers on will keep us together as a group and hopefully pick up others along the way in NB and Quebec.  I’m not that visible in my little white car and I often get lost driving around town…. so to have a big truck and trucker leading with a flag that is obvious would be great.  I don’t particular like to promote the Canada corporation flag but it is a symbol now of our solidarity so its a good way to identify our vehicles as being one of the team-  Our True North Strong and Free!  

For those who are not able or not inspired to travel the distance, there is a local rally for you to show your commitment to the process and to keep our local momentum going. 

Feb 19 at 7pm – Feb 21 at 8pm Local NS convoys: .  Keep checking the Freedom NS face book page for local updates.  Some have been posting Ottawa updates in Nova Scotians Against the Pass telegram group.  

One LOVE, 


Things we need…  

1.  Big truck with a flag to lead.

2.  Place to stay outskirts of Ottawa on the highway near exits freedom friendly (please send list) 

3.  Winter boots, snow suits, lots of snacks, skates and warm hearts.

4.  Convoy people who know that often showing up is all that is required and trusting God knows the way. 

Below is the route and accommodations from the first Ottawa convoy in January as a guide.  

Accommodations –  This morning, Feb 18, 2022  the Comfort Inn will still honour this rate if you say you are with the Freedom Convoy ( The manager will know my name) and they have 40 rooms left for tomorrow night.  The others on the old list I’ve not confirmed. 

Rivière du Loup 

Call today to book your room ! They are booking up fast .
Mention “ Canada Unity Convoy”
To get discounted rate , (these are the numbers as of noon today Jan 25)

Comfort Inn 
Rooms available :27
Rate:$90 plus tax 

Days Inn 
Rooms :30
Rate $109 plus tx

Quality Inn
Rate:$113-2 queen beds 
$105-1 Queen 

Hotel Universel 418-862-9520
Rate: corporate rate $119 plus tax 

Motel Cartier 
Rooms : 16
Rate : 1 Queen $89.25
2 doubles $107.10

Hotel Levesque
Rooms :100+
Rate : $150plus tax

Canada Unity Freedom Convoy departs Enfield NS , January 27th 2022 heading to Ottawa. 
Enfield – 6757 Hwy 2, Enfield, NS B2T 1C8,

Depart: 7:00AM
Aulac – 170 Aulac Rd, Aulac, NB E4L 2W8, Canada
Arrive: 9:00AM
Depart: 10:00AM
Moncton – 85 Harrisville Blvd, Moncton, NB E1H 3T3, Canada
Arrive: 11:00AM
Depart: 12:00PM
Fredericton – IRVING 24, Exit 297, NB-7, NB E3B 9E1, Canada
Arrive: 2:00PM
Depart: 3:00PM
******Grand Falls BIG STOP: 121 Route 255, Hwy 2, 
Arrive: 5:00pm 
Depart 6:00pm 
Arrive: 6:00PM
Depart: 7:00PM

Rivière-du-Loup – Couche-Tard, 960 Rte 185, Saint-Antonin, QC G0L 2J0, Canada
Arrive: 8:30PM

By piotrbein