Cov-vax harm much greater than from flu vax

‘Stroke’ is 11,361% more likely to be suffered as an Adverse Reaction to the Covid-19 Vaccines than the Flu Vaccines per Number of Doses administered 

FACT: Covid-19 Vaccines are almost 50 times Deadlier than the Flu Vaccines per Number of Doses administered according to official USA data

CDC Study finds Covid-19 Vaccination increases risk of suffering Myocarditis by 13,200%

33% of New Zealand’s Covid-19 Hospitalisations in the last 6 months have occurred in the past 12 days; & the Fully Vaccinated account for 4 in every 5 of them

Covid-19 Vaccines now have NEGATIVE Effectiveness among Triple Vaccinated as low as MINUS 206%

New Zealand’s Pandemic of the Fully Vaccinated | Up to 100% of Covid-19 Hospitalisations are among the Fully Vaccinated according to official data

By piotrbein