Binary mRNA vax effect coupled with alarmist nuclear release from the Ukrainian conflict — Unlikely due to planned Israel2.0 in the region

PB: Ionized radiation has polluted the Earth, following the nuclear power plant catastrophes and wars using numerous radioactive depleted uranium weapons.

After Fuku, the largest nuclear power plant disaster, much worse than the over-tired Chernobyl, nuclear safety authorities have forced admissible radiation limits 100s to 1000s times up, in order to keep us “safe” in the new radioactive environment.

So, no new radioactive pollution would be necessary to trigger the binary effect in mRNA-vaxed that Mike Adams tries to hype up.

According to independent medical experts from the beginning of the genocide with mRNA bio-weapon “cov-vax”, any innocuos virus like most of the coronaviruses that naturally occur in late fall and winter season may severely harm the mRNA-vaxed due to disarming of theimmune system.

One more argument re. Mike Adam’s self-serving (selling of supplements and prep supplies) alarmist article. Reportedly, a new state of Israel has been planned to come into being in Southern Ukraine where the Khazarian state existed until its fall under nearby Kievan Rus in 9th century.

Since likely all sides of the present conflict in Ukraine are likely Judeo-bankster cabal’s lackeys, incl. Putin, they wouldn’t unleash nuclear weapons or radioactive pollution (e.g. blowing up Chernobyl), as it would render the region unhealthy for the planned Jewish migration. Chernobyl is risky enough for would-be Jewish immigrants to think twice about settling on the former territory of the Khazar Khaganate.

Khazar Khaganate, 650–850
Khazar Khaganate, 650–850

More about the planned new Israel (use auto-translators from Polish and Russian; we the Poles have to do it with foreign languages, see what fun it is):

Dr Zbigniew Kękuś: Putin i Zełenski grają do jednej bramki? A Duda? Tajne porozumienie Izrael-Ukraina?

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