Double vax 2M kids to prevent 1 covid ICU admission + Cov-vax do interfere with DNA + Real-world data proves confidential Pfizer docs: cov-vax associated enhanced disease + Pfizer’s cov-vax goes into liver cells and converts to DNA + Pharmafia demonised ivermectin to profit from new patents

Shocking 2 million Children must be double vaccinated to prevent just 1 Covid-19 ICU admission according to JCVI

A Scientific Study has found the Covid-19 Vaccines do interfere with our DNA; what are the consequences?

Confidential Pfizer Documents state ‘Covid-19 Vaccine-Associated Enhanced Disease is a real possibility’; & now real-world data proves it’s already occurring

Study: Pfizer’s COVID-19 Jab Goes Into Liver Cells and IS Converted to DNA

Ivermectin Demonised Because Big Pharma’s Only Motivation Is to Develop Drugs with Shiny New Patents That Cost a Fortune

By piotrbein