From the page of Sgt. Robert Horton

Robert Horton: Sergeant in the US Army as a Psychological Operations Warfare Specialist from 1999-2012 in the United States Special Operations Command/United States Army

Foreign mercenaries employed by Ukraine, executed by Ukrainian forces, claims this pro Russian soldier

Mercenaries fighting for the Kiev regime were wounded in the Volnovakha hospital, and were shot by their own before leaving the city so that they could not give up information. All the wounded were shot in the temple or the back of the head, Yan Gagin says.

Don’t go to Ukraine! You’re not protected under Geneva and everyone will deny you were even there.

Mar 17, 23:28 The documents on the project on the transmission of diseases to humans through bats (P781) released by Russia’s Defence Ministry

Mar 17, 22:58 Putin Told To Strike US First As A Warning Sign

Mar 17 at 05:44 Russian military and republican forces meet refugees in the northwest of Mariupol

Mar 12 at 17:11 Missiles target US consulate in Erbil, Iraq

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