Canadians still can’t freely fly within their own country + The end of the gov’t office service? +

Canadians still cannot freely fly within their own country

Aviation groups and CEOs of major airlines are calling for lifting of all COVID restrictions on air travel

The End of the Gov’t Office?

At the beginning of the lockdown in 2020, when gov’ts and employers began letting staff work from home, I predicted that, minimally, most gov’t officials would then continue to do so after this was over, eliminating a significant part of our ability to contact our own gov’ts in person. Moreover, because officials no longer work in the same office, there are inherent delays as staff cannot immediately contact others, and home workers decide their own hours to work (aka flexibility), which is to their benefit and not yours.

Sure enough, a Liberal Gov’t poll recently suggests that 43% of workers said they would look for other work if mandated back to the office, and 55% said they would be less likely to accept a new job if required to work from the office.

Of course, cherry picked people are then interviewed to show their support for a hybrid mixture of home and office work. Soon, all relations with our own gov’t will come to a halt as the lines of personal communication are all but denied to us.

And the ongoing situation where you must leave messages and gov’t officials will get back to you when it is convenient for them, will simply continue unabated. Plan for more delays in gov’t services in the future, if you get them at all.

Most people in the private sector, whose work does not involve manual labour, are also striving to work from home, resulting in a two-tiered system where higher paid positions also work from home, while menial workers in construction and retail, must work from the site.

Let your MP an MLA know that you are opposed to gov’t workers working from home while the majority of us are denied this, and what truly is, a benefit, nor a right.

 Prime Minister Trudeau is a disgrace for any democracy! | Christine Anderson European Parliament


We Are All A Bit Broken

I would have just celebrated my 15th year as a transit operator in Victoria [British Columbia]. We worked through the whole pandemic with no protection. While everyone else stayed home and the streets were empty, buses were full of the homeless who were riding for free, often coughing and evicted from the shelters that had been closed. One day a passenger gave me flowers while I worked, and thanked me for being brave.

Then we got notice of the mandate and November 29, 2021 loomed. We were harassed to provide our QR codes. A group of us banded together and said we would stand strong. One by one they complied, some crying while doing so, and those of us who were left  were put on unpaid leave on November 29. My dear friend who had applied for a religious exemption, and was cruelly and arbitrarily denied, took her life 12 days later. It is devastating.

We are all a bit broken.

Meanwhile the COVID rates where we worked skyrocketed, despite a 100% vaccination coverage. The company cannot meet service requirements due to lack of staff, and the union is a joke. There is no government mandate for our workplace, it was a decision made by a manager that has had devastating consequences from suicide, having to sell houses, and living in a van.

We were all denied Employment Insurance.

Four months later, they still string us along. The union will pool the membership to see if they think we should be placed at the bottom of the seniority list if we are permitted to return.

What happened to privacy? Natural immunity? Collective agreements?

Why are we being penalized for doing nothing but being exactly who we have always been: people who read a lot and trust our instincts?

British Columbia

By piotrbein