Australia: Fully vaxed constitute 80% of the record wave of covid deaths + Scotland: Heart attack, myocarditis & stroke up 73% in the young since cov-vax roll-out + Following cov-vax: At least 890 cardiac arrests and 579 deaths of professional athletes, FIFA football deaths up 300% in 2021 + AstraZeneca CEO: Immunocompromised should not get cov-vax + UK: Cov-vax increase risk of death due to all-causes in all age groups

Fully Vaccinated account for 4 in every 5 of the record breaking wave of Covid-19 Deaths across Australia

Official Government data shows a 73% increase in the number of Young Adults & Teens suffering Heart Attack, Myocarditis & Stroke since the Covid-19 Vaccine roll-out

Professional Athletes suffered at least 890 Cardiac Arrests and 579 Deaths following Covid-19 Vaccination in the past year; & FIFA Football Deaths increased by 300%

Immunocompromised SHOULD NOT Be Given Covid Injections, AstraZeneca CEO Said

Analysis of Offical Government data finds Covid-19 Vaccination increases risk of Death due to all-causes in all Age-Groups

By piotrbein