WHO Pandemic Treaty a huge threat to freedom + Italy: Rollout of Social Credit System + UK gov’t controls the narrative + World’s most influential medical journal questions the pandemic & cov-vax + England: Propgandised 160k covid deaths vs. just 5k recorded

The W.H.O’s proposed ‘Pandemic Treaty’ is a huge threat to the Freedom of ordinary, hardworking people

Italy Announces Rollout of Dystopian Social Credit System; Compliant Citizens Will Be Rewarded For “Good Behaviour”

Ministry of Truth: UK Gov. uses hardworking Taxpayer’s money to advance their agenda to control the official version of the truth

World’s most influential Medical Journal questions Pandemic Policy and Safety of Covid Injections

160,000 COVID Deaths? – NHS confirms just 5,115 people have died of COVID-19 in England since beginning of Pandemic

By piotrbein