Canadian gov’t covid-19 committee corrupt cover-up + Don’t leave or return to Canada with a digital phone + Oppose mask usage

Canadian Gov’t COVID-19 Committee Corrupt Cover-Up

Pursuant to s. 63 of the Federal Emergencies Act, an inquiry is required into the recent use of this legislation for Trudeau the Commie, in relation to the trucker’s convoy. This is known as the Public Order Emergency Commission.


Marginal note: Inquiry

63(1) The Governor in Council shall, within sixty days after the expiration or revocation of a declaration of emergency, cause an inquiry to be held into the circumstances that led to the declaration being issued and the measures taken for dealing with the emergency.

Marginal note: Report to Parliament

(2)  A report of an inquiry held pursuant to this section shall be laid before each House of Parliament within three hundred and sixty days after the expiration or revocation of the declaration of emergency.

What is not told, is the mandate of this inquiry. Though the composition of the Committee is set out in statute, the nature of the inquiry was in the Order.

The Order setting out the requirements for this Commission is set out at:

direct the Commissioner to examine issues, to the extent relevant to the circumstances of the declaration and measures taken, with respect to

(A) the evolution and goals of the convoy and blockades, their leadership, organization and participants,

(B) the impact of domestic and foreign funding, including crowdsourcing platforms,

(C) the impact, role and sources of misinformation and disinformation, including the use of social media, 

(D) the impact of the blockades, including their economic impact, and

(E) the efforts of police and other responders prior to and after the declaration

My concerns are:

  1. Recommendations are being made to modernize the Emergencies Act – this can only mean one thing – further increased gov’t powers and easier to invoke this Act;
  2. As per the instructions below, notice the words “to the extent relevant to the circumstances of the declaration and measures taken”.

Hmmm, I wonder who determines what is relevant? Likely the gov’t appointed people. There are no appeal or review procedures in the Inquiries Act from these decisions.

This means that no inquiry is being held into Trudeau or his Gov’t’s actions, the unlawfulness of the seizing of lawfully raised monies in GoFundMe etc. Only an inquiry into OUR actions and how the police responded once ordered to go there. This is another cover up for the Trudeau Gov’t.

If you question the above, consider the recent answers by Gov’t Justice Minister David Lametti where he repeatedly invoked Cabinet Confidentiality by refusing to answer repeated questions in relation to the trucker’s convoy. Lametti also claims he is bound by solicitor client privilege as being the Attorney General…however he was appearing in the capacity as Minister of Justice, not the A.G.

See this article below from Rex Murphy for an excellent poke at this Committee.


Bill S-7

While everyone remains preoccupied with COVID-19 issues, another Bill, S-7, has passed first reading in the Senate. Section 1 of this Bill, purports to authorize any customs official to examine all your confidential information on your digital phone, all of it, if he has “a reasonable general concern” that the Customs Act is might be violated.

It is recommended that if this Bill passes, that you factor into every international trip, extra cash for the purchase of a phone upon your arrival at your destination, whether a flip phone or another digital phone, with the understanding that they are disposable upon return. Quite simply, do not leave or return to Canada with a digital phone, or you will lose all your privacy rights in the process.

An additional concern is that this Bill originated in the Senate, not the House of Commons, as per normal procedures. This is becoming more frequent as Trudeau the Commie has his minions in the Senate begin to pass Bills to avoid the immediate public scrutiny that accompanies all Bills passed in the HOC.


Oppose mask usage

We’ve been saying from the beginning, if masks do work to prevent transmission of COVID-19 (they do not), then where are all the biohazard disposal bins? Recently in a visit to an Okanagan hospital, it was discovered that garbage cans were overflowing with discarded masks. Any of these masks, if they had COVID-19 viruses on them (assuming they actually are viruses, which remains debatable), are releasing these viruses into the air every time a new mask is ‘thrown’ into the garbage.

It is not about the efficacy of mask use. It is only an experiment to see who will comply when ordered, and who won’t. Who submits, and who doesn’t.


For decades now, articles have been published about the quantum of plastic in our oceans, mostly from Asia. With the mandatory mask requirement, now tons of contaminated biohazard, plastic masks are being disposed of every year, not only in our oceans, but in our streets and public landfills.

Another reason to oppose mask usage.

By piotrbein