JCCF news — Trudeau Liberals’ false & dangerous claim: Truckers want to ‘overthrow’ gov’t + 40th anniversary of the Charter: Canadian politicians should be embarrassed + Freedom Award to Freedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich

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George Jonas Freedom Award Toronto 2022

The Justice Centre is pleased to present the 2022 George Jonas Freedom Award to Tamara Lich, one of the organizers of the Ottawa convoy that united thousands of Canadians across the country in protest of lockdowns and mandatory vaccine policies.

The Board of Directors of the Justice Centre considered many worthy candidates for the 2022 Award and ultimately selected Tamara Lich. Ms. Lich inspired Canadians to exercise their Charter rights and freedoms by participating actively in the democratic process, and took the initiative to help organize a peaceful protest and serve as one of its leaders. The resulting peaceful protest in Ottawa awakened many Canadians to the injustice of Charter-violating lockdowns and mandatory vaccination policies. Ms. Lich has suffered for the cause of freedom by spending 18 days unjustly jailed, and exemplifies courage, determination and perseverance. We recognize that Canada’s legal system is founded on a principle of innocent until proven guilty. While Ms. Lich’s bail conditions presently prohibit her from entering Ontario, these are under appeal and the outcome of the appeal is pending.
 Toronto: Thursday, June 16, 2022Keynote Speaker: Rex MurphyTickets:· Regular: $200· VIP tickets: $500· Early Bird: $150 (until May 10)

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