Increase since mass cov-vaxing: Iceland stillbirths & neonatal deaths, Israel heart-related in under 40 yo + USA: Serious adverse event due to cov-vax in 12k kids, 106 kids died + CDC: 74.2M Americans had no cov-vax dose & 157M refused 2nd or 3rd dose

Iceland: Stillbirths and Neonatal Deaths increased by 80% in 2021

Israeli Study finds 25% increase in Heart-Related Emergency Calls for People aged under 40 since mass Covid Injection Campaign began

12,548 Children have suffered a Serious Adverse Event due to the COVID Vaccines in the USA; and 106 Kids have sadly died

CDC report admits 74.2 million people in the USA have not had a single dose of a Covid-19 Vaccine, & another 157 million have refused a 2nd or 3rd dose

By piotrbein