All of the Western vax protected by military intelligence secrecy laws


An Italian group tried to get the facts on the Corona vax and discovered that all of the Western vaccines are protected by military intelligence secrecy laws when information about them should be open public access.

To sum it up, a high level group in Italy that had really good backing requested all of the safety documents regarding several different corona shots and that group was told that the documents and studies with regard to safety were a high level military intelligence secret, being held from the public to avoid civil uprising.

Here is a crude translation:

Vaccine, “the security report covered by military secrecy”: shock in Italy, what they hide from us

On paper it is written that pharmaceutical companies are obliged to periodically submit reports on the safety of the anti-covid vaccines they produce. There is a determination of Aifa, the national pharmaceutical agency, to establish it. And it was also published in the Official Journal. Too bad these reports on the Pfizer-Biontech, Moderna, Astrazeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines they seem to be a state secret: to date, the two associations of social promotion Idu (human rights instance, of Novara) and Dus (Human rights and health, of Rome) that had requested them have been answered with nothing. Enzo Iapichino, one of the lawyers of the associations that requested access to the documents and then found themselves forced to file a complaint with the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Rome against Aifa, the Ministry of Health, the Technical-Scientific Committee, the Higher Institute of Health indicating various hypotheses of crime, from the omission of official acts to the false ideological.

As Iapichino tells Natascia Ronchetti, they have been trying to read those reports since November. The director general of AIFA, “Nicola Magrini replied that the reports on the safety of vaccines are confidential, they are owned by pharmaceutical companies”, reveals the lawyer. “Especially that Aifa does not hold the required documentation. Magrini wrote to us to contact Ema, the agency European drug”. Which they did, but even there nothing to do. “Ema denied us. Giving three reasons. First, reports cannot be disclosed so as not to prejudice the decision-making process on unconditional authorization. Secondly, they fall within the exceptions of their regulations, which relate to public order and military secrecy.

Thirdly, the interest in not affecting the final decision, which concerns precisely the authorisation, prevails over the public interest. Absurd. Because in Italy we have entire categories obliged to get vaccinated”. Then there was the Ministry of Health, again Aifa, but to date still no trace of the reports. The Iapichino’s conclusion is “that there is a lack of transparency on the part of the institutions. If we talk about vaccine safety reports at this point we assume that they do not have them. If we talk about scientific studies, we assume that they have them. So why don’t they make them available?”

So there you have it. A vax that is so “safe and effective” that what it does to people is now a military intelligence secret.

By piotrbein