Dr. Yeadon: Covid lies point by point

Covid Lies: Revised Definitions and Bizarre Statements

Covid Lies: Instigating Fear and Dominating the Narrative

Covid Lies: Asymptomatic Spread and PCR Tests Identify Infections

Covid Lies: There are No Treatments and You Can Get the Virus More Than Once

Covid Lies: High Lethality, No Prior Immunity And “No One Is Safe Until Everyone Is Safe”

Covid Lies: Variants of Concern and the Only Way Out is Universal Vaccination

Covid Lies: Experimental Vaccines, Boosters and Antibodies

Covid Lies: Autopsies, PCR Test, Cause of Death and Hospital Protocols

Covid Lies: Fraud Assessed and Fraud Rehearsed

Covid Lies: “Vaccines” Are Safe and Effective

Covid Lies: Masks and Lockdowns

Covid Lies: Prescient Testimonies

By piotrbein