Canada: Corrupt Peterborough Public Health guards access to fake ‘virology’ data

Chrisitne Massey of Peterborough, Canada, wrote on Fri, Jul 15

June 30, 2022:
Larry Stinson, the man who acts as Director of Operations at the “non-profit” Peterborough Public Health – where the last woman acting as Medical Officer of Health, “vaccine” promoter Rosana Salvaterra, was paid a measly $334,173 in 2020 – has had quite enough of my “frivolous and/or vexatious” requirements for scientific data. 

Yes, considering it in the context of several other FOIs that I filed “over the last few years” (14 months to be exact) Larry concludes that my thirst for evidence amounts to an “abuse of the right of access” and “interferes” with PPH’s scam… err… operations. Hence Larry has denied access to:

all records in the possession, custody or control of Peterborough Public Health that form the basis of Thomas Piggott and PPH’s claim that “monkeypox virus” has been confirmed in Peterborough:


A little more info re the blatantly false criminal “charges” that were laid on Tyler Berry and myself for lawfully serving a Notice to Thomas Piggott (the man who acts under the title “Medical Officer” at PPH and appears obsessed with “viruses” but has no scientific proof that any of them exist, as previously shown here and here): 

Video, July 7, 2022: The Ongoing History of Peterborough Corruption

There were no people acting as court staff to be seen inside the so-called “court of justice”, and so once again i christine was prevented from filing an important communication.  Based on my own personal experience, it’s become clear to me that – as many others have been saying for a long time – we do not have courts of law operated by and for the people, but rather a private-interest fraud-based cult that dominates, bullies and controls we the people under the colour of law.  Just my opinion of course.)

By piotrbein