Excess deaths rising 5 mo. after booster jabs + UK & USA: Half the population refuses 2nd or 3rd dose + Hepatitis is killing kids due to AstraZeneca cov-vax & lockdowns

Excess Deaths rising 5 mo. after Winter Booster Campaign proves theory COVID Vaccines take 5 months to kill recipients

UK Gov.: 18.9 Million people still remain Unvaccinated in England & 50% of the country has refused the Booster but 90% of COVID Deaths since April were among the Triple Vaccinated

USA: 74.2 million people have not had a single dose of a Covid-19 Vaccine, & another 157 million have refused a 2nd or 3rd dose according to CDC

Virologist tells BMJ the Hepatitis of Unknown Cause killing Children is due to AstraZeneca Viral Vector COVID Vaccine in combination with Lockdowns

By piotrbein