Canada: Court victory for Pastor Artur and Chris Scott + Politicians, your sins will find you out

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Dear Agnes,
We heard some wonderful news come out of Alberta on Friday. The Alberta Court of Appeal issued a verdict regarding Pastor Artur, ruling that his arrest, fines, imprisonment, and censorial court orders were all illegal! It was welcome news for Pastor Artur, who has endured two years of political persecution, including nearly two months of solitary confinement between court appearances. Not to be overshadowed by this win was another victory. Whistle Stop Café owner Chris Scott was bound by some of the same conditions as Pastor Artur for refusing to bend the knee to out-of-control bureaucrats in public health. Like Pastor Artur, many of the Soviet-style sanctions levied against Chris Scott were dropped.

Chris was initially arrested for exercising his right to protest the government’s authoritarian COVID measures. He was then put through the legal wringer and slapped with fines, travel restrictions, and a draconian order compelling him to repudiate any public criticism of the pandemic response with a government-approved script.  Shortly after learning about the decision, I connected with Chris Scott’s phenomenal lawyer Chad Williamson. Click here to watch that interview. You could tell just how excited Chad was about this decision. He told me that these latest rulings are just one of the many cracks beginning to show in the unconstitutional COVID mandates and restrictions that ruled our lives for two years.

And he lays much of the credit for this victory on everyday Albertans and everyone else who pitched in at and to give both men a fighting chance against the government’s endless legal resources. But as encouraging as this news is, there’s still more work left to do.Numerous legal fights are still looming, not just for Pastor Artur and Chris Scott, but for many other COVID “offenders.”To support the fight for medical freedom and the rights of all Canadians to be free of the government’s deranged “health” policies, please go to or click here to make a tax-receipt eligible donation. 

Yours truly, 
Adam Soos 

P.S. This was a well-deserved victory for both men. But now is not the time to take our foot off the gas. If you haven’t had a chance to donate, please click here or go to to help us crowdfund the many legal costs incurred to get to this point. All donations will receive a charitable tax receipt from The Democracy Fund, a registered Canadian charity.   
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Politicians, your sins will find you out

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