Italy: Major court victory — Suspension from gov’t work illegal, as the vax was experimental, of unknown ingredients & irreversible side effects


Recent Major Court Victory in Italy!

A psychologist was being suspended from work for refusing to be vaxxed. He took the gov’t to court – and won. The Court held that because the vaccine was still experimental and the ingredients were unknown, with unknown irreversible side effects, they could not force this upon him as a condition of work.

Here is a rough translation of the judgment:

N.R.G. 2022/7360


02 Second Civil Section

In the interlocutory proceedings registered under No. r. g. 7360/2022 brought by … under the patronage of … lawyer BENASSI RAUL (BNSRLA711A10G687J); electively domiciled at VIALE BELFIORE, 32 50144 FIRENZE at the offices of the lawyer




Noted that the suspension from the practice of the profession is likely to jeopardise primary individual goods such as the right to his livelihood and the right to work referred to in Article 4 understood as an expression of the freedom of the person and his dignity, guaranteed precisely by the freedom from need

In fact, having noted that Article 32 of the ‘personocentric’ constitutional charter after the experience of Nazi-fascism does not permit medical experimentation that is invasive of the person without his free and informed consent whereas informed consent is not conceivable when the components of the serums and the mechanism of their operation are, as in this case, covered not only by industrial secrecy but also, incomprehensibly, by ‘military’ secrecy whereas, therefore, after two years we still do not know the components of the serums nor their medium and long-term effects as written by the manufacturers themselves, whereas we know that in the short term they have already caused thousands of deaths and serious adverse events….

Whereas, on the other hand, the Tuscany Order of Psychologists is in breach of this immediately applicable legislation and is undeniably discriminating against Dr … compared with vaccinated colleagues who can continue to work despite having the same chance of becoming infected and transmitting the virus…considered that for these reasons there is also the alleged “fumus boni iuris” i.e. the unlawful imposition by the Order of belonging to an injection treatment that has already caused serious adverse events and death, and in the end with a substantial “acceptance of the risk” of occurrence of such harmful events for Dr. …

Held that for these reasons Dr … cannot be forced, in order to be able to support herself and her family, to undergo these experimental injection treatments which are so invasive that they insinuate themselves into her DNA, altering it in a way which could be irreversible, with effects which cannot as yet be foreseen for her life and health; whereas, from an epidemiological point of view, the condition of the vaccinated person is not dissimilar to that of the unvaccinated person, since both can become infected, develop the disease and transmit contagion.

For the reasons The Court Having regard to art. 669 paragraph 2 s code of civil procedure and 700 c.c.p. suspends the provision of the Order of Psychologists of Tuscany of … prohibiting Dr. … to exercise the profession of psychologist until she undergoes the injection treatment against Sars Cov 2, thus authorising the exercise of the profession without undergoing the injection treatment, working in any mode (both in the presence or remotely) in the same way as colleagues vaccinated. Sets for confirmation, modification or revocation of the provision in crossexamination the hearing of 15 Sept. 2022, 10,00 a.m. Florence on 6 July 2022 The Judge Dr Susanna Zanda

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