“Monkey pox” hoax news

IT’S ALL A LIE – Where is the ‘Straight-Sex’ Monkeypox Outbreak?

Official Government Documents indicate Authorities are using Monkeypox to cover up the fact the COVID-19 Vaccines cause Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

The WHO Review: WHO’s Covid and Monkeypox Policies Fail Every One Of The 10 Public Health Principles

Official Documents suggest Monkeypox is a coverup for damage done to Immune System by COVID Vaccination resulting in Shingles, Autoimmune Blistering Disease & Herpes Infection

WHO’s Tedros Has Overruled His Panel of Experts and Declared Monkeypox a Public Health Emergency of International Concern – Why?

Monkeypox? Hepatitis? Sudden Adult Death Syndrome? Something is very wrong and it’s because of the Covid-19 Vaccines

“Monkeypox” is only circulating in countries where the Pfizer Vaccine has been distributed & is being used to advance a Technocratic Great Reset

Tedros overrules W.H.O. to declare COVID Vaccine-induced Shingles (Monkeypox) a Public Health Emergency of International Concern 

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