No new generation has the intelligence to oppose the gov’t



We have said repeatedly that if our generation fails, there is no new generation coming up behind us, that has the intelligence to oppose the Government corruption and criminal activities we are witnessing today. If we lose, everyone will lose.

Historically, succeeding generations have had the benefits of intelligence passed along from their previous generation, combined with newly acquired knowledge and experience, to increase subsequent knowledge and intelligence—with the benefits of increasing inventions and ideas to make our lives easier and more rewarding.

For the first time, the next generation (today’s) is dumber than the generation that preceded it (ours). Their basic knowledge of math, history, science, Constitutions, law, English, grammar, geography etc., is so far below our generation, that it may be impossible for them to catch up – and their generation (our grandchildren) may have no chance at all.

The next generation of grandchildren are further being confused at birth as to the binary male/female nature of gender, supplying children who are sexually misinformed from the moment they enter the school system. This alone, should provide all of us with the continued desire for freedom to oppose our corrupt and criminal governments today.

It should further provide a basic and fundamental reason for every parent to be involved and/or run for their school boards and municipal councils.

Thank you Sibille for this link, showing basic questions that Americans are unable to answer. Canadian school children, youth and early adults, are not much better, while the Communists looks laughingly upon us, knowing that their day of invasion draws close, as our people are too dumb to even defend themselves anymore.

By piotrbein