MUST KNOW Roosevelt halted attempts at NWO

How Roosevelt Halted Previous Attempts to Implement a New World Order

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Matthew Ehret spoke with the host of the American Journal on Infowars Harrison Smith about volume 2 of his book ‘Clash of the Two Americas (Open vs Closed Systems Collide)’ and the role of Franklin Roosevelt in sabotaging the last major attempt to create a transhumanist, depopulation world government in 1933.

Unlike the United States, Canada didn’t choose to accept the Benjamin Franklin challenge and stayed obedient to the crown, Ehret said. “As a consequence, Canada has been used, as I go through [the book], as a beachhead to undermine and destroy the United States, by and large with small exceptions to the rule, throughout that 200+ years [since the American Revolution].”

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In 1968, with the murder of Martin Luther King Jr. and Bobby Kennedy, effectively a coup d’état took place. “That changed completely the character of the United States into this type of closed system colony – this sort of martial lord for a higher managerial class that has no affiliation with the US constitution or national character.” This system has used the US as an instrument to carry out a reconquering of the world. 

The closed system idea has been an idea of empire but not an American empire per se.  It’s a system, as it exists now, where a master class above nations manages all resources and pulls the levers of production and consumption.

The Round Table Movement – a set of think tanks set up with funds from Cecil Rhodes, Nathan Rothschilds and other oligarchs from the City of London – helped to orchestrate the hyperinflation that struck Weimar, Germany and the rise of the League of Nations. The Round Table “took form, especially, with the creation of Chatham House, the Royal Institute for International Affairs, that was part of the process in 1919 in Paris,” Ehret said. “And there are branches [of it], for example, in the case of the United States it was the Council on Foreign Relations.”

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People think that there is an American Empire that replaced the British Empire but that is a myth.  “Chatham House is an underappreciated branch of the reconquering, the recolonisation, of the United States,” Ehret told Smith.

As Ehret explained, the Great Reset is not a new thing. There have been several attempts at getting and finalising prototype great resets or new world orders.  In his book, Ehret identifies three major attempts.  The Bankers Conference in 1933 was the second major attempt to get rid of nation-states and install a global banker’s dictatorship centred in the City of London.

It required that the United States be on board and after about six months, Franklin Roosevelt essentially torpedoed it – pulled out the US delegation from all discussion and made a big defence of the role and purpose of the sovereign nation-state … [Roosevelt] literally saved the world by breaking that conference in 33. At the same time, he broke up the wall street banks [and] put hundreds of leading bankers in prison for their role in initiating the great depression doing insider trading … and he basically took back control of the issuance of credit by installing his own man – an industrialist, Marriner Eccles – into the head of the Federal Reserve.”

What Roosevelt did, explained Ehret, laid the groundwork for other initiatives that collectively upgraded the quality of life and the USA’s power of productivity.  This gave the USA the ability to later “put down the third attempt at a new world order.”

The third attempt at a new world order was the “Hitler/Fascist/Frankenstein monster” which was a transhumanist eugenics agenda to create a new religion of eugenics as a governing ideology run by people like Prescott Bush and what he was working for – an Anglo-American banker’s cartel at the top with strong men enforcers like Mussolini, Hitler, Franco etc. at the bottom.

“Julian Huxley went pretty far in his UNESCO founding document … where he makes a point that we have to make the ‘unthinkable become thinkable’. Of course, he’s referring openly to eugenics and world government – the abolishment of sovereign nation-states, and the acceptance of eugenics as the queen of all sciences, the science of population control. But people found it distasteful because of what they saw the consequence being in its political acceptance under Nazi Germany … so they had to retool it.

“And the retooling took several expressions, transhumanism being one of those … they also went on to create things like the environmental movement, as it is known today at least, under the World Wildlife Fund.”

In the 1970s, what Ehret thinks of as the Malthusian coup took place. It wasn’t just Bobby Kennedy, there was a big hit list of murdered statesmen who were anti-Malthusians.

“The Trilateral Commission was put online in 73 officially but it operated under a manifesto written by Zbigniew Brzeziński called ‘Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era’, where he basically outlines this fourth industrial revolution ideology of a new managerial class managing the new order of democracies that would not really be a democracy.

“The Trilateral Commission members [ ] had its own idea of creating a master-slave society with the US being [ ] a consumer society of useless eaters that would not produce for themselves. [And] China being the slave labour sweatshop society that would not ever have enough money to consume what they produced and they would just feed our dollar stores – they would never develop beyond a certain limited scope. That was part of the agreement for the One China policy that brought in the Club of Rome computer modelling for population control in China.”

This coincided with the creation of the World Economic Forum (“WEF”) which was set up by Henry Kissinger in January 1971. Klaus Schwab was in a CIA-sponsored program at Harvard and a student of Kissinger when he was selected to be the WEF front man.

Also in January 1971, six banks in the European Community under the direction of Jacob Rothschild consolidated into the Inter-Alpha Group of Banks – a new banking cartel of private banks operating in strategic nations. Over the following decades, this led to the acquisition and merger of private banking and financier oligarchy over nation-states.

“That point in 1971 is key. That was the detaching of the US dollar from the gold reserve and, by floating it onto the world’s speculative markets, that soon became attached to the oil, the petrodollar, in 73 under Kissinger’s direction.  With that, there was a detachment, a severing of the financial side of the economy from the physically productive side of the economy … And we went into a bonkers crazy crazy land of just worshipping mathematical models that were showing us what the price commodity values would be based upon.”

You can watch Matthew Ehret’s interview with Infowars in the video below. Patriot Press: How FDR Broke the First Great Reset, 20 August 2022 (39 mins)

If the video above is removed from YouTube you can watch it on Rumble HERE.

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