Turdeau attacks Canadian farmers

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Subject: Trudeau attacks Canadian farmers – 3 quick perspectives

Hello free-thinking Canadian friend,
If you’re Canadian and happen to eat every day this might be of great interest to you!
It’s me again, One Freedom Guide. I’m back after a long online hiatus. [Please see  at the bottom for Privacy, emailingand Unsubscribe
TO THE POINT..: After 2.5 years of false-flags, lies, tyranny, censorship, inflation and economic destruction Trudeau is now attacking Canadian Farmers according to the ‘one’ global agenda of the WEF, UN, NATO, WHO, FDA and countless others NGOs, all created in the past 70+ years by a financial-corporate elite for one sole purpose.. Eliminate nation-states sovereignty and impose a corporatist One World Government (BTW special thanks to Chris Cle… for this great resource: https://archive.org/details/dr.-john-coleman-the-committee-of-300/page/67/mode/2up?view=theater)
So again, if you happen to eat every day please watch these 3 quick videoclips below and hear from the perspective of three great Canadians. I promise you they’re short and to the point   


This last one instead it’s a useful scientific animation (entertaining too) for better understanding the history and creation of the most important fertilizer. Nitrogen – Today apparently as lethal and deadly as cows farts ..lol.. (..according to Trudeau and Schwab..) 

Ok, that’s it.. No action to take, sorry. Just in-formation to inner-stand what’s really going on in the Kingdom of Canada… :)))
As always, to Life, Love and Land..!
Yours Truly,Guide

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