The real truth behind the signing of the Magna Carta

The Real Truth Behind The Signing Of The Magna Carta

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By Stephen Mitford Goodson
excerpt from A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankiim

In 1207 an enormous sum of £60,000 was levied in taxes on the Christian population. The Jews also paid tax, but at a lower rate and on grossly understated income and wealth. 113 Nobles who borrowed from Jewish moneylenders and from the King and his agents had to have their mortgages registered on the Treasury Rolls. As soon as a noble got into financial difficulty, the King would buy the debt from the moneylender and seize the land for himself. King John (1199-1216) was “utterly reckless” in pursuit of this depraved and dishonest policy, and was moreover “profligate, incompetent and utterly beholden to his Jews.”

In 1215 the nobles revolted and forced King John to sign the Magna Carta on 15 June 1215. This document consists of 61 clauses relating to the establishment of various constitutional and legal rights, but its principal purpose was to cancel the bonds of the Jewish moneylenders and to abolish usury and the privileged position of the Jews.

On 19 October 1216 King John died and was succeeded by his nine year old son Henry III, who ruled from 1219 to 1272. His reign was little better than that of his father and 19 of the clauses affecting the Jews were abrogated the following year. However, his heir Edward I (1272-1307) soon realised that Jews had no place in English society  and that if he did not take action, he would be in danger of losing his throne. In 1233 and 1275 Statutes of Jewry were passed which abolished all forms of usury. As many of these Jews could no longer earn a “living”, a statute was passed by King Edward on 18 July 1290 compelling the entire Jewish population of 16,511 to leave England forever; one of over 100 hundred expulsions which have been recorded throughout European history. The announcement was greeted with great joy and jubilation throughout the land. Unlike the modern practice of ethnic cleansing, the Jews, after paying a tax of 1/15 of the value of their movables and 1/10 of their specie, were permitted to leave with all their goods and chattels. Any Jew who remained after 1 November 1290 (All Saints Day) was liable to be executed.

The barons, including the author’s ancestor Roger Bertram, Lord of Mitford, forced King John to sign the Magna Carta in Runnymede on 15 June 1215.

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Subject-Object Universe 2 days ago

The “peaceful removal” of the Jews with their belongings intact was probably due to the efforts and interference from the Church side (run by Christian Jews from the Vatican). It’s no wonder Jews hated the European nobles so much, that they promoted the subversion of their culture through funding playwrights like Shakespeare and promoting literary fiction that portrayed tensions between the European nobility and the European commoners during the medieval era.

Once the European nobility was weakened enough, especially after the French Revolution era, they were totally subverted and herded into the pathetic state of the Freemason goys. And now this nobility no longer exists, most of them killed or subjugated post-WW1 while the rest inter-marrying either with other Freemasons that weren’t European nobles or with the Jews (the resultant progeny being absorbed into the Jewish community.)Last edited 2 days ago by Subject-Object Universe Reply

Subject-Object UniverseReply to Subject-Object Universe 2 days ago

If there had been no Church and no Vatican, the European Nobility wouldn’t have just let the Jews go “peacefully” with their belongings intact. Instead we would have seen the repeat of what the Roman General Titus did to the Jews in 70 AD, and with all their belongings confiscated. Reply

Henricus OctaviusReply to Subject-Object Universe 11 hours ago

You are dead wrong on Shakespeare. Theres alot of truth available there to those who are able to remove truths hidden laters. Reply

Subject-Object UniverseReply to Henricus Octavius 9 hours ago

Marriage and fiance-ship, that was sacrosanct in noble society, was subverted under Shakespeare’s romantic plays. Through Macbeth and Tempest he disavowed revenge. He may have dropped truth bombs here and there but his works fractured the foundational principles that morally strengthened the noble society. The liberal mentality of the Anglos has its roots from this Elizabethan playwright. Reply

stu 2 days ago

The real truth behind the magna carta is the BANNING OF THE CROSSBOW because, unlike the english long bow, the crossbow can be quickly mastered by most of the population, and has an equalizing effect against the king’s armies. As has always been, and will always be, it’s all about weapons, armies and war. That is it. This is an endless war planet, and humans are just long evolved, highly sophisticated war viruses. Ever since the massive Hoplite armies of ancient greece forced the right to self-rule, totalitarianism is only possible when the weapons systems become too… Read more » Reply

Kenaz OdalReply to stu 1 day ago

Exactly. And we see history rhyme again and again. Later on it was the Kentucky Long Rifle. Today it’s anything with 15 rounds or more beyond semi auto capacity etc. etc. It never ends. Reply

BenReply to stu 1 day ago

Any good books on these subjects? Reply

stuReply to Ben 20 hours ago

well, there are no books outlining an endless war reality because it has been suppressed. It’s as if military historians, sociologists and anthropologists have been forbidden to suggest man has been, and is forever, trapped in endless warfare. The best you can do is read books that chart war and weapons development over the long term and then put the pieces together yourself. After decades of research, here are a few must reads that are easy, short, entertaining, and highly informative: Robert O’Connell- Of Arms and Men (1989) A great book! Gwynne Dyer- War: A lethal Custon… Read more »Last edited 20 hours ago by stu Reply

Karl 2 days ago

We need a new Magna Carta here in the United States, banning the Federal Reserve System (private jewish lending, fraud, and money laundering system) and remove those infested (invested) with it. Repealing the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 would be a good start. Also there needs to be an ethnic cleansing in the national media and international media. The jews are way over-represented in the media. Finishing off (prohibiting) freemasonry would help and all secret society collaborators. Where is a great national leader when you need one?
Study Gottfied Feder’s Manifesto, available here: Reply

RodolfoReply to Karl 7 hours ago

Agree with you, but what we need is a better class of citizen in this country. Congress is infested with traitors and hacks because they get re elected by the ignorant fools among us. Get better citizens and there can be a bloodless revolution in this country over the next 6 to 10 years. Then we can discards the Fed and all it’s debt can go in the trash. Reply

Randwulf 2 days ago

Letting the Jews go with their goods and ill-gotten gains was like live trapping rats and releasing them in the next village over or in a neighbor’s field. They simply ravaged others and then eventually CAME BACK. There is really only ONE solution to the problem. Too bad is has only rarely been used extensively. Reply

JoshuaReply to Randwulf 2 days ago

100% spot on. Reply

AurelianReply to Randwulf 1 day ago

The Roman’s almost did that solution in the Bar kokhba revolt but alas it didn’t fully happen. Reply

JoshuaReply to Aurelian 1 day ago

Yes, arguably the greatest tragedy in human history was the Romans scattering the Jews all over the place instead of just finishing them all off them and there. All they did was spread this rancid plague all over Europe, affecting us all up to the present day. You cannot be too harsh to your mortal enemies who just want to see you and your children die. You do it to them or they do it to you, simple. Reply

Joshua 2 days ago

Strange how *everyone* just wants to be rid of the Jews, yet apparently they’re innocent little victims. Reply

Henricus Octavius 11 hours ago

Magna Carta was not a good thing for the common man, archers, or forest dwelling inhabitants. It was a good thing for the barons who were pillaging Ireland as well, (which is now always blamed on the King of the common people), and the jews.

By piotrbein