Maintaining sanity inside a cuckoo’s nest

Maintaining Sanity inside a Cuckoo’s Nest

Many of us were taken by surprise when the “pandemic” was first announced. But it was even more surprising to witness the majority falling under the media’s spell. A great divide immediately occurred between the conscious and unconscious souls. This was a deal-breaker for many long-standing relationships. It’s impossible to have conversations between a place of reality and one of illusion.

Then, people lined up to accept genetic modification therapy without question. Fast forward to September 2022 and the majority are either double, triple or quadruple vaxxed. They have volunteered for an experiment that caused their bodies to no longer reflect the image of God. Now their minds and emotions are vulnerable to diabolic technology that is being installed worldwide.

We are clearly out-gunned by the enemy who have conditioned our fellow human beings to turn against us. The global elite have all the money, the technology, the media, the government and law-enforcement to do their bidding, enforced by fear. And what do we have have? Knowledge, truth, facts, integrity, morality, critical thinking, righteousness, resolve, determination, courage, health and…. GOD, motivated by love. But like it or not, all the minions that are enabling this agenda are still God’s children and their souls are on the line. This spiritual battle will likely be going on for some time. And what are we, the conscious, supposed to do in the meantime? How do we maintain our sanity while feeling so helpless to do battle against such a massive, covert, demonic attack?

We were born so we could grow. Not just physically, but spiritually. Every failure, challenge and tragedy we experience forces us to find a way to cope. Many people fail this test when they don’t gain wisdom from their experience. They turn to anger, hatred, revenge, violence, resentment, medication, alcohol, drugs, suicide etc… to numb their pain. But painful experiences occur to teach us lessons. You are forced outside of your comfort zone to confront unpleasant circumstances. Facing your fears and your pain is the reason you are here.

You spend your whole life trying to achieve goals, material things, stature, winning games and being first. Will God be asking to see your medals, awards, trophies, bank account and knickknack collection when you show up at the pearly gates? Or will He be more interested in the selfless things you did? How you treated others? How you behaved in the face of adversity? Did you learn from your mistakes?

Or maybe you felt more comfortable flying under the radar, not rocking the boat, avoiding attention/conflict/confrontations and minding your own business. How many times did you look the other way when you witnessed or experienced an injustice because it made you uncomfortable? How many times did you allow your integrity to be compromised? If you don’t stand up for what you believe in, that choice gets taken from you. And right now, the government is taking away all our choices.

We must all strive to follow our hearts, listen to our guts and do our very best to let our higher conscience guide our way without any attachment to the outcome. Always do the right thing, but don’t worry about results; they are not important. Make no mistake. You may not experience instant gratification, but your efforts are never in vain! Understand that the very act of doing the right thing reverberates as a positive energetic force on a level of consciousness invisible to the naked eye. And the more people that do the right thing, the more powerful this force becomes. This ever-growing positive energy really does impede the plans and actions of those with ill-intent.

But many struggle with doing the right thing when there are negative repercussions for doing so. What you need to understand is that although unscrupulous humans will punish you, God always has your back. You may suffer certain consequences, but your righteousness will always be rewarded with a boomerang effect. Something good will happen that will benefit you in ways you never could have anticipated and you’ll feel grateful you took that leap of faith, which requires… you guessed it: Faith.

This is not an easy mindset to achieve but it’s necessary to put this war into proper perspective. If you are fully awake to what is happening, you are blessed. Understand where your real power comes from and how to use it. It is not your job to capture the criminals and detain them. Most individuals in law enforcement who honoured their conscience are no longer on active duty. Most who remain have sold their souls. The world as we knew it is over; gone forever. Let it go.

Letting go means looking forward and living in the moment. We cannot wait for this war to end because it may take the rest of our lives. And our lives are meant to be lived; right here, right now. Do something productive that gives you a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Volunteer to help with the freedom movement, donate to help with the cost of resources, or pray. And have fun! Spend time with friends and family, enjoy your favourite hobbies and if you can’t, get creative. Find new hobbies, make new connections.

Whatever you do, don’t put your life on hold until this war is over. There is no scheduled “Due Date” for that. Living your life in a holding pattern until the runway is safe for landing means you will run out of fuel in mid-air. Think about all the things you could be accomplishing right now that would make you feel good. If you don’t take charge of your own life, you are putting your destiny in the hands of Satan’s army, and they already have plans for it.

Own your life and live it now!

By piotrbein