Trudeau drops cov-vax mandate as 90% covid deaths occur among the 3x/4x vaxed + Gov’ts led by a hidden alliance of former WEF Young Global Leaders that includes Macron, Trudeau, Ardern & Johnson + The danger is not over + Freedom lover or freedom activist?

Trudeau drops COVID Vaccine Mandate because 9 in every 10 Covid-19 Deaths have been among the Triple/Quadruple Vaccinated in the past 3 months

Your Government is being led by a Hidden Alliance of former WEF Young Global Leaders that includes Macron, Trudeau, Ardern & Johnson


Is it OVER????? No.

Everyone is aware that the previous lockdown restriction in relation to traveling were set to expire on Sept. 30. But what was then to happen? Recently the Federal Government has publicly announced that it is dropping quarantine and isolation requirements, as well as the mask requirement for flying or riding on trains. From MSM:

But as we have said, the danger is not over. These gov’t officials continue to state that it is their God-given right/power to bring these restrictions back at any time they “deem” it necessary or even just advantageous to so do. Put another way, your rights and freedoms are simply toys for the gov’t to play with as it wills. It stops when it gets tiresome, and they will start again when they desire to play with you again.

We need to make sure that these govt’s know that they can never do this again…ever.

Rumours are already circulating as to why this is happening now. Trudeau has already publicly stated that he will be running for the Liberals again in the next Federal election. Why would these comments be made at this time? Clearly, he is priming people for the inevitable, knowing that he cannot rely upon the NDP support for too much longer.

Another reason for dropping these restrictions is that the Feds know that almost all deaths due to COVID-19 (putting aside for the moment the falsified PCR test results and manipulation of actual co-morbidity causation), have been among the triple vaccinated, not the unvaccinated. They know that masks and vaccinations, with or without quarantine, are simply not working – and cannot work.

I submit that a further reason is to bolster the Gov’ts defence in the Pickford Constitutional Challenge, alleging that the challenge is moot because these restrictions are no longer are in place. I suspect that they will not get far with that defence, while simultaneously admitting that they can put these restrictions back in place at anytime and are prepared to so do.

View the information on this link below for some of the best analysis on the Federal Gov’t’s corrupt manipulation of COVID-19 statistics.


Freedom Lover or Freedom Activist?

Paper Deliveries

Freedom Lovers appreciate freedom. Freedom Activists fight for it. If you’re not a Freedom Activist, you will loose the freedom you love. The days of watching the brave people stand up for freedom are over. It’s time to become one of those brave people because if you’re not actively exercising your rights every day in every way, your loss of freedom will be your burden to bear.

What does a Freedom Activist do when government breaks the law and tells you they are taking your rights away? Exercise them! Because they can’t actually take anything away from you. They use fear tactics to get you to GIVE them away. And once you do that, good luck getting them back in this lifetime.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll discuss what types of things you can do as a Freedom Activist. Today, we’ll talk about the power of sharing truth, facts and information.

Knowledge and education are the key to informing people who are still living under media’s spell. These people will never come to our rallies, and many probably never even heard of us. So, we have to reach out to them! A small group of die-hards have been distributing Truth-based papers like Druthers, Pandemic Papers and Common Ground since the middle of August. Each paper is stuffed with 2- 3 flyers including a Rally Card (with a link to last spring’s Grand Jury discussions), a Mask &/or PCR Flyer and an Informed Consent brochure. Different inserts are used depending on what stock is available at the time.

We have received encouraging feedback from some recipients who felt alone until they saw the paper in their mailbox. Although we may occasionally run into an unappreciative individual, the potential benefits to thousands of people as a result of us planting these “seeds” makes it worthwhile.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! It takes about 1 1/2 hrs. for two people to cover an area provided on a map. With 4 – 6 people each Sunday, we’ve been delivering an average of 500 papers per week. Even if you have mobility issues, you can do rural areas by driving from place to place and have a passenger who can drop off the paper in each mailbox. The more volunteers that help, the more people we can reach before the snow flies. We are not planning to do this forever. This is not about becoming newspaper boys and girls. Once people see the paper and the flyers, they are provided with enough info and resources to take action and learn more if they wish.

What’s great about this endeavour is there is almost zero confrontation. You don’t need to have conversations with anyone. People don’t feel pressured to accept or read something new. The media has conditioned their captive audience to have a knee-jerk reaction against anything that questions the narrative. So, this makes it very difficult to have intelligent and logical conversations with people. But in the privacy of their own homes, away from prying eyes and peer pressure, there is a greater chance that they will read and consider the information. Especially since the mandates have not returned yet, there is less pressure to conform. That is why it is SO CRITICAL to get the information out there NOW!

So please sign-up on the flyer distribution sheet at our CLEAR booth at our Sat. rallies, to get the emailed location and be there for 11:30 am on Sundays. If you arrive on time, we can divide the papers and get the deliveries done quick so we can still have time to enjoy the rest of our day. Remember, many hands make for light work!

Here are just three of the inserts we distribute every week, in each Druthers and/or Pandemic Papers:


Contact Unity Health & Sciences Team to volunteer to distribute their professional brochures and Medical Doctor Packages throughout your home area, and to your medical doctor!

Not every doctor, analyst, and specialist is on the gov’t side and many have strong science and personal experiences opposing the gov’t narrative.




Thank you Ted for this inspiring pix!!

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