Alberta fights back!

From: Free Alberta Strategy <>
Sent: Wednesday, September 28, 2022 8:03 AM
Subject: Alberta Fights Back!

On Tuesday, Alberta Justice Minister Tyler Shandro announced that the Alberta government would refuse to enforce proposed new federal gun restrictions, including a compulsory buyback scheme.

Our team at the Free Alberta Strategy would like to congratulate the Minister on recognizing that Alberta can – and should – refuse to enforce federal laws when they overstep their jurisdiction and infringe on the rights of Albertans.

In fact, that’s exactly what we recommended when we released our proposal for the Alberta Sovereignty Act.

But, haven’t many of the incumbent Alberta government MLAs – including the now-interim Premier – spent the last 6 months telling us all that this is impossible, and to try to do so would cause chaos?

And now, the Justice Minister, on behalf of the cabinet and the government, is proposing to do exactly that?


Probably slightly awkward for them…

Still, we’re very glad they’ve come around!

And, just as we predicted, the sky didn’t fall in.

The rule of law wasn’t undermined.

Big corporations didn’t complain about instability and threaten to leave Alberta – in fact, as we noted last week, they continue to announce they will be moving here.

Minister Shandro did exactly as we proposed.

He did exactly as Quebec does when their provincial rights are undermined.

The next step is to formalize this process by passing the Alberta Sovereignty Act, and deploying it strategically whenever Ottawa threatens to infringe on Alberta’s provincial jurisdiction.

Thanks again, Minister Shandro!


The Sovereignty Act is a tool to be used to keep the federal government in its lane.

It forms just one piece of our detailed, well-thought-through Free Alberta Strategy, which all works together to help promote Alberta’s interests.

If you want to learn more, and help us advance these ideas, you can do so by:

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Thanks for your support, as we continue to develop and promote detailed solutions to the challenges facing Alberta.


The Free Alberta Strategy Team

By piotrbein