Lipid nanoparticles change basic human qualities of the vaxed? + 1 in every 110 cov-vaxed dead by Jan 2022, just 1 in every 187 unvaxed + Cov-vax lowered the average IQ + Cov-vax harmed 1 million New Zealanders + 3 mo. before covid-19 was known to exist Pentagon contracted Ukrainian firm to research it

Could Lipid Nanoparticles be Changing Essential Human Qualities of the Vaccinated?

Government reports confirm 1 in every 110 COVID Vaccinated people had died by January 2022, compared to just 1 in every 187 Unvaccinated people

I Reckon the Covid Jab Has Lowered the Average IQ by 20 Points

V-Safe Data Suggests an Estimated 1 million New Zealanders Have Been Harmed by Covid “Vaccines”

U.S. D.O.D issued a contract for COVID-19 Research to a company in Ukraine, 3 months before COVID-19 was known to exist

By piotrbein