Corruption, enslavement and killing — Slander the unvaxed + What killed the elderly + NZ ‘virus’ + Legal ‘advice’ + ‘Offensive’ journalist + WEF trending for the right reasons

FACT CHECK: ‘The Times’ says “Antivaxers are a menace who must be defeated” among other FALSE claims but the truth is the Triple Vaccinated account for 94% of Covid-19 Deaths

Propaganda: Government & Mainstream Media try to convince you “Climate Change” has killed the Elderly by cherry-picking summer Death data & ignoring 26k Excess Deaths recorded since April over 22 consecutive weeks

New Zealand’s Virus is Ignore, Exaggerate, Redirect and Control

Letter to the Editor: Don’t Expect Good Legal Advice When Wrapping Up Affairs of Someone Who’s Died

Political Policing: UK Journalist Arrested for Posting “Offensive” Message Online

“The WEF” Is Trending on Twitter and For All the Right Reasons

By piotrbein