Notice of liability to Polish gov’t: Attempted crime to legalize the crimes of genocide against citizens

It’s no longer the telecom companies with their 5G, nor the pharmaceutical cartel, but “our” government that is vigorously taking on the depopulation of the Polish nation they perceive as an enemy. Act “UD 432” on population protection and natural disasters is being processed, which in the governmentannounced state of natural disaster mandates indefinite medical procedures, under penalty of imprisonment and the possibility of losing personal property without compensation. Below is my allegation of those responsible for the Act that I’ve sent to ten government addresses with acknowledgment of receipt.Dr. Diana Wojtkowiak


Gdańsk, October 1st, 2022

From: Diana Wojtkowiak, Coalition Poland Free from 5G, ul. Diamentowa 3 / 3080-028 Gdańsk, tel. 600954458

To: Zbigniew Ziobro, Prosecutor General, National Prosecutor’s Office, ul. Rakowiecka 26/30, 02-528 Warszawa


Andrzej Duda, President of the Republic of Poland

Mateusz Morawiecki, President of the Council of Ministers

Elżbieta Witek, Marshal of the Sejm

Tomasz Grodzki, Marshal of the Senate

Jarosław Kaczyński President of the Law and Justice party

Mariusz Kamiński, Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration

Maciej Wąsik, Ministry of Interior and Administration

Wojciech Radecki, Director of the Department of Population Protection and Crisis Management of the Ministry of Interior and Administration

Adam Niedzielski, Minister of Health

Wide public opinion

Subject: Notification of an attempted crime to legalize the crimes of genocide against Polish citizens

This notification concerns the currently processed Act on the Protection of the Population and the State of Natural Emergency UD 432, endorsed by the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Interior and Administration, Maciej Wąsik.

UD 432 provides for forcing Polish citizens to undergo unspecified vaccinations and medical treatments under penalty of a fine and imprisonment. Meanwhile, by withdrawing from treating chronically ill patients and using medical treatments that worsen health, the Health Service killed over 200 thousand Polish citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is evident in the excess deaths of the uninfected by the pandemic, as well as deaths recorded by the statistical office immediately after successive vaccination campaigns.

But this is only an introduction to the hetacomb planned by the globalists. If introduced, Act UD 432 will legalise compulsory injection of anything toxic to all citizens, a procedure planned by globalist groups, and more specifically by German bodies to which the Polish government and parliament are subordinate.

What’s in the vaccines? Officially, it is not known. There is currently no institution in the Republic of Poland that would even randomly examine medications supplied from abroad. In fact, the European Union does not provide for such studies, either. The tests are carried out by the manufacturer, a judge in his own case, which means a complete and utter lawlessness.

The pharmaceutical cartel is not the target of the globalist action, but its implementer. They are one of the groups fighting for the future power over the world. Since the 1950s, pharmaceutical products are not meant to treat people, but to make them dependant on the cartel that enriches itself by taking a large part of our household budgets. However, it is not so much profit as it is power that drives the actions of the psychopaths from whom the globalists are recruited.

Power to destroy is an even stronger emotion than the power to build. Depopulation to make room for others is quite a nice challenge to the globalists. Then the surviving others will contribute to the cash register. So there is no contradiction here. Probably everyone has already noticed that the elderly in our family or neighborhood, after going to the hospital, often strangely do not return — unexpectedly, given their overall health condition upon hospitalization.

Information on the internet concerns strange substances and objects found in vaccines and in injectable drugs. Many doctors know about it, too. I have personally tested vaccines, IV fluids, insulin, and injection heparin. A person close to me was injected this very heparin containing graphene, suffering an extensive inflammatory reaction and consequently suffered an inflamed, aching abdomen.

I have studied vaccines containing graphene, iron, copper and mercury that should not be there, as they are taken supposedly voluntarily, while everyone knows that this is a medical experiment. Drugs for hospital and home treatment contain highly toxic graphene, too. Monstrous statistics: Out of eight medicinal preparations that I have studied, seven contained graphene.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. We can imagine pharmacies full of drugs with the addition of poison. However, I am not here for researching drugs; the National Medicines Institute, registration office for medicines (URPL), office for disease control (Sanepid), and Poland’s other institutions with sophisticated apparatus, and funded with piles of money should research medicinal products.

A buyer of drugs or a pharmacy doesn’t sign any consent to the medical experiment, but graphene injected with the drug quickly accumulates in the cells of the lungs, liver and kidneys, causing damage. Graphene activates the prion and prion-like proteins involved in civilization disease etiology. The diseases are exacerbated, hastening the onset of death, mainly in the elderly.

So they die of pre-existing condition, or from unexpected blockages caused by amyloid fibers formed by activated prion-like proteins. A dozen or so people in my extended family and in the families of my friends died because of the vaccine.

After the approval of the law to achieve depopulation, it is enough to introduce a state of natural disaster, which is quite often introduced after heavy rainstorms, so that the citizens lose the right to the inviolability of their own body. This is stated in Art. 43 and Art. 126, where the vaccine and compulsory “treatment” with poisons can only be changed into a fine or imprisonment.

The fine will certainly be high, as we have already realized after the fines imposed by Sanepid in the last two years. In a prison, you will absolutely lose your right to the integrity of your own body, by prison regulations alone. In this way, any toxin, infectious disease, genetic modification, parasite eggs or biochips can be introduced into a citizen’s body. These agents can cause death over time or by irradiating the body with a microwave signal that activates the prions, depending on the pharmaceutical cartel’s encoding. Numerous researchers have already demonstrated this mechanism.

There is no doubt that Act UD 432 serves to legalize the crime of genocide committed by the government of the Republic of Poland against its own citizens, with the participation of the
pharmaceutical cartel. This government serves other gods, and perhaps thanks to legal tricks it will to some extent escape responsibility for the crime of genocide. Which is what this law is for.

The main responsibility will really rest jointly with the authors of the law and the individual deputies and senators who vote it in, and the Prime Minister and the President. This responsibility in each case calls for the highest penalty existing in a given state, unless it is adjudicated by an international tribunal.

There is no escaping the punishment on the excuse of ignorance, because I am just informing the government about the lethal effects of the use of pseudo-drugs produced by the global pharmaceutical cartel. Besides, in Poland, not knowing that a law has been violated does not exempt a plaintiff from punishment. Nor does parliamentarian immunity protect against the crime of genocide.

Contrary to its name, the act does not protect the population, but is an instrument of enslaving and killing. It is part of a series of laws introduced in recent years, adjusting Polish legislation to the demands of globalist bodies. An example is the telecommunications mega-act, on the basis of which the ordinance increased the standards of electromagnetic radiation by a factor of 100, and this is independently reflected in the observed increased number of ailments and diseases.

I am not enclosing or citing relevant source materials here, due to the loss of respect for government bodies that have repeatedly tried to ignore my warnings, supported by the source materials provided, of the long-term consequences of their decisions. I provide the materials on request, for strictly substantive discussion.

The wording of this act contradicts the basic assumptions of our constitution, where the tasks of state authorities include taking care of public health or protection of private property. Building appropariation and demolition is ethically permissible only during a war on your own territory, when the biological survival of the Nation is at stake.

What is this masquerade for? Why not write in the law that every secret service and police officer has the right to kill any civilian, and it is best to burn him in a concentration camp furnace… In our imperfect country, where almost none of the civilians owns a gun, it will work! Unlike Germany or Switzerland, where virtually every man has a gun and can defend his rights.

Personally, if someone tried to inject me with poison, I’d rather strangle him with my bare hands than consent.

I am calling to investigate the authors of this Act regarding their connections with foreign companies and intelligence services, and to hold them criminally responsible for an attempt to attack civil rights, preferably before the law under consideration is processed.

  • According to documents accompanying Act UD 432, its main authors are: Maiusz Kamiński, Minister of the Interior and Administration, as the applicant,
  • Maciej Wąsik, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Interior and Administration, as the person responsible for the development of the project,
  • Wojciech Radecki, Director of the Department of Civil Protection and Crisis Management of the Ministry of Interior and Administration, as the content supervisor.

Kind regards,

Dr. Diana Wojtkowiak, board member Coalition Poland Free from 5G


Translated October 8 to November 14, 2022, by Piotr Bein from Polish original attached to personal email. Translation authorised by Dr. Diana Wojtkowiak.

By piotrbein